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Wrapping Up Arizona

Posted by nickwagoner on December 6, 2010 – 8:56 PM

– Per custom, coach Steve Spagnuolo just wrapped up his weekly day after game news conference after breaking down the film of Sunday’s 19-6 win against Arizona and being apprised of the team’s injury situation.

– As always, let’s dive into that information first…

– As feared, SLB Na’il Diggs suffered a season ending pectoral injury late in Sunday’s game. He will be out for the season and will require surgery. The recovery time is about five months though Spagnuolo indicated he hoped that Diggs would be able to at least be around the team in the closing weeks because of his veteran presence.

– CB Ron Bartell’s shoulder issue is about the same and he is going to be day to day. He’s dealt with this already this year so it stands to reason that this time around will follow a similar pattern.

– QB Sam Bradford “tweaked” his ankle according to Spagnuolo but he is expected to be OK in time for Wednesday’s practice. He was mostly just sore on Monday morning.

– LB Chris Chamberlain’s X rays on his hand and wrist came back negative. He has no broken bones but he will likely be wearing a cast or a wrap on his hand this week.

– The rest of the wounded for the Rams are going to be monitored on a day to day basis. Here’s the complete list: S Craig Dahl (knee), CB Jerome Murphy (hamstring), RB Kenneth Darby (ribs) and RT Jason Smith (ankle). All of those players will be watched and could practice Wednesday. Almost all are expected to at least be available to practice at some point during the week.

– As for replacing Diggs, the Rams haven’t quite got that far. They’ve been pretty thin at outside linebacker and been playing musical chairs at the weakside position so having an injury to the solid Diggs will shake up the mix even more. David Vobora and Larry Grant have both played on the strong side and would seem to be the most logical candidates to step in on that side.

– In looking back at the win against the Cardinals, Spagnuolo pointed out the ingredients he saw in his team that he liked most. And it’s no coincidence that those ingredients are all things needed to succeed in December.

– Toughness and resolve…Spagnuolo absolutely loved the guts of his players in fighting through injury and pain to stay on the field and be out there to help secure the victory.

– Demanding perfection…The Rams were up by three at the half and were far from satisfied. When Spagnuolo went into the locker room, he found a group of upset players not content to be in the lead because it demands more of itself.

– Taking care of the ball…Aside from Bradford’s interception, the Rams had no turnovers. The ability to be mistake free or at the very least make less mistakes than the opponent is always imperative. But it means a lot more in the final weeks.

– Being disciplined…The Rams have had major issues with penalties for most of the season but those issues have been curbed in the past couple of weeks. The Rams were flagged just twice for 15 yards against the Cardinals.

– Finishing it out…The Rams were able to piece together a drive to ice the game with the ball in their hands and outscored Arizona 10-0 in the second half. That’s the sign of a team learning how to finish the deal.

– The Rams are now ready to return to work and Spagnuolo and his staff have already begun getting ready for this week’s game against defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans. With one win in December under their belt and so much left to play for, the fun is only beginning…

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  1. By Rachel Stivers-Stewart on Dec 11, 2010 | Reply


    [Preface: I take ownership that this is another lengthy response so I will have to improve on writing more concisely as previously pledged!]

    WAY TO GO, RAMS in keeping the Arizona Cardinals “in check” and for clinching the 12-05-10 divisional rematch and road win. As clinch is a motivating word, may all of us who comprise Rams Nation continue to think the word “CLINCH” especially as clinch relates to the Team’s overarching goal and vision of WINNING the Division with a clear-sighted focus. As observed, the St. Louis Rams’ clear-sighted team focus is equipped with the right mind-set of “one game at a time” with an immediate (“here and now”) goal of producing consistent, grind out play-making action, as practiced, in all three phases that WORKS TOGETHER in securing a team win.

    Nick, from the prior blog entry “Rams Gut Out Tough Win,“ I echo your statement, “Great job by the Rams closing it out in the second half.” I also want to reiterate a sincere thanks to for another great “bird’s eye view” of game coverage, ranging from the pre/postgame headliner articles, on-going blog entries/updates, the Running Blog, the Rams Live Game Day NFL GameCenter, the photographs and the videos.

    Speaking of videos, it is always good to hear from Coach Steve Spagnuolo, QB Sam Bradford and RB Steven Jackson as they regularly speak to the media during press conferences. As also posted on 12/05/10, it was an added enjoyment to hear from S Craig Dahl, DT Fred Robbins and DE Chris Long. Whether Rams players, coaches and other staff, such as GM Billy Devaney, are quoted in print, speaking in an online chat and/or during video interviews, etc. their consistent articulateness is appreciated and appears factored into overall team completeness.

    I was glad to hear the perceptive statement, “Rams I believe are the most complete team in that Division” at the beginning of this Website’s 12/05/10 posted video entitled “GameDay: Rams vs. Cardinals Highlights” from the NFL Network. The “Wired: WR Danny Amendola” video posted on 12/08/10 was/is awesome and a vantage point masterpiece showcasing “sensational,” quality team moments of the Rams-Broncos game at Denver!

    Nick, as an inspired Rams fan who is a trail runner, I am going to run with your above closing, open-ended statement, “With one win in December under their belt and so much left to play for, the fun is only beginning…”! As that is exactly right, I offer the following comments.

    We can agree that December is such a festive time of year with all the holiday decorations, savory foods to eat, singing and humming along with high-spirited Christmas carols, especially to the tune of “Deck The Halls.” Yes, “Deck The Halls” is one of my personal favorites so I am very excited and ready to see the ST. LOUIS RAMS “DECK THE GRIDIRON” this Sunday in the Louisiana Superdome at New Orleans with a DECORATED PERFORMANCE that LIGHTS UP THE FIELD!

    As a side note, singing is rated as a proven top ten performance anxiety reducer and does work for some competitors. I find it cool that singing, even if it is silent singing, can provide a winning edge in a high stakes competition! So, Nick, which Rams player who can best carry a tune is ready and willing to be “mic’d up” for this Saints game?!

    In moving on to a serious note, we know we can count on hearing the New Orleans Saints jazzy, spiritual “fight song” entitled “When the Saints Go Marching In” which, to my understanding, inspired their team’s name, the Saints. Earlier this fall, I started composing a fun “cadence” for our Rams team which will be shared at a later date! What I would like to share at this time is a spiritual reference from the Good Book as found in Ezekiel 34:31 NASB, “As for you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, you are men, and I am your God,” declares the Lord God.

    BIGHORN SHEEP are a magnificent sight to see, hear and feel the intensity, especially fighting RAMS who are “charged” to dominate an opponent on steep, rugged and rocky cliff edges! As we know, rams don’t take the primrose path and do value pristine country that is high above a trailhead or starting point. What a spectacular view, energetic feeling and fulfilling sense of accomplishing hard work in climbing to the summit in pursuit of “big game,” specifically to catch sight of highly esteemed and prized trophy-quality rams.

    As strikingly displayed, every St. Louis Rams team player wears a “bighorn” on his helmet and that “horn” insignia is an aggressive, bold sign of STRENGTH. In addition to having strong features, bighorn sheep are known for having excellent balance, grip and “busting” moves! (In a future blog response, I would like to comment on embracing the inspired story behind the original Rams helmet insignia/artwork, which as reported on this Website, was a historical NFL first.)

    As this week fourteen game is an anticipated EPIC BATTLE between the St. Louis Rams and the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, I maintain CONFIDENCE that our RAMS have what it takes to find a way to WIN at New Orleans based ON THE STRENGTH OF THE RAMS’ CHARACTER, CAPABILITY, TRUST, TEAMWORK & INSPIRATION.



    Respectfully & Prayerfully, Rachel Stivers-Stewart, RAMS FAN IN NEBRASKA

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