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List of Rams Free Agents

Posted by nickwagoner on July 25, 2011 – 10:51 PM

The NFL just sent out the list of players that will be available in free agency beginning this week. Below is the list of players the Rams have that they can re-sign or they have chosen not to re-sign.

Restricted free agents who received qualifying offers from the Rams (compensation required to sign them away)

– LB Chris Chamberlain (7th round choice)
– T Renardo Foster (ROFR)
– G John Greco (3rd round choice)
– LB David Vobora (7th round choice

Unrestricted free agents who have four or more accrued seasons

– WR Mark Clayton
– DB Kevin Dockery
– TE Daniel Fells
– DT Gary Gibson
– OL Adam Goldberg
– DT Chris Hovan
– TE Darcy Johnson
– S Michael Lewis
– WR Laurent Robinson
– DT Clifton Ryan
– TE Derek Schouman

Restricted free agents who did not receive a qualifying offer from the Rams and will be unrestricted free agents

– CB Quincy Butler
– RB Kenneth Darby
– LB Curtis Johnson

The Rams will almost certainly retain all of their restricted free agents through their qualifying offers. Among the unrestricted free agents, Clayton, Goldberg and Gibson are the most likely candidates to return. It’s possible that the three players who did not receive qualifying offers could be brought back for the league minimum but it’s unlikely.

– Keep in mind, the Rams can begin negotiations with all of the players listed above starting tomorrow but cannot sign any until Friday and none of those signings become official until the new league year begins on Aug. 4.

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4 Responses to “List of Rams Free Agents”

  1. By marvin on Jul 27, 2011 | Reply

    i love the rams i just hope they make some moves with all these free agents out there i hope they give some help to sam bradford and steven jackson

  2. By Albert on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    I understand the rams want to build with the Draft but you still need to get some veterans players which include a WR that is needed badly. Yes i know Donnie Avery coming back but hes been injured prone yes mark claytons is coming back but we still could use a Veteran WR. Not only that we need a 2nd RB, Jackson is great but hes getting up on age and his body been through a lot. Robert Quinn is a great player but Mark Ingram would have been a better pick in the Draft because he could have grown with Bradford. Jackson has maybe two more years. Im just wondering what are you guys waiting for. Free agents is happening so why have we not sighn no one.

  3. By RayRammer87 on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve been a rams fan for a long time. I’m not understanding what they’re waiting for. Let’s sign at least one good player. We have a good solid team, that I think everyone in the media is sleeping on, last yr if it wasn’t for a few mistakes at the end of the games we would have beat both the saints and the falcons.

    With that said, every position could use some shoring up. Stop being cheap. There’s a lot of talent out there jNorwood, tHeap, nBarnett, nAsomugha, and on and on.

    Its really starting to annoy me when I’m watching that bottom line on the sports channels, the transactions for the NFC West pops up, every team in our division is making moves, their transactions go across the entire bottom line. Our transactions just read qMikkal.

    Come on!!!

  4. By Nick Argeny on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    We need a reciver in free agentcy i think the rams should try to get malcom floyd good player thats not that expencive and quintin mikal is a good pick up good safty that has a nose for the ball al harris is a good pick up good mentor for our young corners to learn from but we still need a DT to sure up our run defence

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