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Rams With Much to Fix

Posted by nickwagoner on September 26, 2011 – 1:55 AM

– If in the first two weeks the mistakes that cost the Rams were self inflicted, it was evident that those errors would be exploited by teams like the Eagles and Giants.

– But any mistakes they made Sunday against the Ravens were really put front and center as the Ravens took advantage as they jumped out to a 21-0 lead on the way to an easy 37-7 victory.

– The loss drops the Rams to 0-3 and raises more questions than answers provided.

– Now, the Rams must find a way to get back to work and focus solely on getting that first win. To avoid an avalanche, they know they’d be best served to do it next week against Washington.

– To get that win, the Rams will be forced to correct a lot of things and make some major improvements in the next week.

– On defense, they will be forced to find ways to stop opposing passing attacks. The Ravens attacked the Rams through the air early and often, taking the Rams a bit by surprise consdiering Baltimore’s ground and pound nature.

– In the process, they exploited some weaknesses in the secondary that to this point hadn’t been so blatantly obvious. Of course, the blame doesn’t all fall on the secondary. In order to throw deep, you have to protect the quarterback. And the Rams couldn’t generate enough pass rush to force Baltimore QB Joe Flacco into getting rid of the ball early.

– Once the Ravens got the lead and had stretched the field, they were able to do just about anything they wanted underneath because the Rams had to protect themselves.

– Tip of the cap to Flacco who threw some excellent deep balls and to Torrey Smith. It’s putting it mildly to say that kid is fast.

– Ray Rice had just eight carries but influenced the game in many ways like he always does. What a player.

– Three games, three sacks for Chris Long. The rest of the crew and Long have to find ways to more consistently generate that pressure, though.

– On offense, the Rams couldn’t get much of anything going. Cadillac Williams and Steven Jackson both deserve kudos for toughing it out and they actually ran pretty well against a tough Ravens run defense. Unfortunately, they fell behind so early, the Rams had no choice but to take to the passing game.

– The passing offense has plenty of blame to go around as well. The offensive line struggled to keep QB Sam Bradford protected, the drops continue to happen and Bradford pointed the finger at himself.

“We just weren’t very effective throwing the ball,” Bradford said. “I think it comes from a lot of things. I’ve got to do a better job of making reads, getting the ball out quicker. And then when we do have one on one matchups, we have to win. We have to take advantage of that when people call plays like that.”

– The Rams go back to the drawing board this week in search of that first win. We’ll wrap this one up quickly tomorrow with updates from Coach Steve Spagnuolo’s day after game news conference.

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3 Responses to “Rams With Much to Fix”

  1. By Ray Espinoza on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    I have been a Ram Fan for many years, I’m forty three and I work hard to get the Direct TV pkg and I try to see the Rams when they come to Calif.. I will be attending the game Sun against the Chiefs.. I live in Fresno Calif. so this is a big deal for me, my first time in STL.
    I Just want the Team to Know. I BELIEVE in them, they can win but they must BELIEVE in THEMSELVES!! Please win against the Redskins.. See you at the Game!

  2. By Jack Fenton on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    Albert, your correct when it comes to King but pretty much wrong for everything else. Sims Walker is doing just fine, if the o-line could get Sam time he would be able to throw to these guys. If you knew anything about football, you would know that TO isnt even cleared to play. He had surgery and cant even do anything. There are no receivers out there capable of doing much.Cant do the no-huddle when your getting blitzed every single play and getting no completions.

  3. By Albert on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

    Jack Sorry but i guees you didnt see how they played last week they played pretty good with no-huddle and like i said you have to have recievers who can break free from defender and Sims-Walkers is not doing it and the amount of money spent on him he should be doing better. As for T.O. I’m talking about a caliber Reciever like T.O. used to be not the attitude he has. Sims-Walker provides no of that. The rams knew from day one we needed a big time reciever and still has done nothing to improve it. Unfortunalty the rams lost Ron Bartle but had several weeks to replace him also but still has done nothing either. So whos to blame the when it comes to it its the coaches fault cause the offense cant move the ball, the WR cant catch. So what do you think teams are giong to do blitz because the Rams have no seriouse threat. (With Exception of Steven Jackson when healthy) I want the rams to win be we have lots of problems. but its not a hard fix.

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