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Costas On the Rams’ Win

Posted by nickwagoner on October 31, 2011 – 2:40 AM

– At halftime of every Sunday Night Football game on NBC, St. Louis native broadcaster Bob Costas does an essay about something going on in the world of the NFL. On Sunday night, he focused his words on the magical weekend that took place here this weekend, capped by the performance of the Rams in Sunday’s huge 31-21 win against the Saints.

– Courtesy of NBC, below is the transcript of his halftime essay:

The Rams beat the Saints today in St. Louis, 31-21. The outcome was so stunning, the city threw a parade immediately after the game. All right, so the parade was for the Cardinals, and, in fact, the win by the Rams, a prohibitive underdog at home, was only the second-most miraculous thing that happened in St. Louis this week.

But still, how do you figure this?

A week ago, the Saints treated a winless Colt team like a Pop Warner squad facing the varsity. The final? 62-7. A few hours earlier, the Rams had dropped to a fully deserved 0-6 by losing 34-7 in Dallas. So, coming in to today, the Saints were averaging 37 points a game. The Rams had averaged nine. Until today, the Rams had often looked as if it would have taken them several plays to score even if the opposition had left the field. And to make matters worse, when it seemed they couldn’t possibly be, they were without last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, Sam Bradford. A.J. Feeley looking for all the world like a lamb being led to slaughter.

Instead, it was the Saints who got slaughtered. Down 24-0 at one point, and doing almost all their scoring after the issue had been decided. Feeley’s performance was efficiency personified: 175 yards, a touchdown and no picks. Meanwhile, Steven Jackson, a great player plagued for years by injuries and a weak supporting cast, had a mid-career flashback, reeling off 159 yards and two touchdowns.

Does any of this make sense? About as much sense as two comebacks from two runs down with two outs on the same night, twice down to your last strike in the World Series. In St. Louis this week, some things don’t have to be explained, just enjoyed.

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  1. By Armando Herrera on Oct 31, 2011 | Reply

    It sure was good to see my Rams finally get a win!I live in SF Bay Area and have been a Rams fan for at least 41 years. I have actually been rooting for the 49ers as of late,( at least I keep in the division!) After the preseason I thought they were going to do much better, Lets just hope this will get things turned around for Saint Louis.
    Regards, Armando

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