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Wrapping Up Seattle

Posted by nickwagoner on November 21, 2011 – 9:50 PM

– Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo just wrapped up his weekly Monday afternoon news conference and discussed all that happened in Sunday’s 24-7 loss to the Seahawks.

– First, on the injury front:

– Middle linebacker James Laurinaitis had a sore foot when he woke up Monday morning and Spagnuolo said the sides would be proactive about finding out the source of the problem.

– “He’s going to go over and get an MRI and make sure we are not sitting on anything there,” Spagnuolo said. “He kind of toughs things out but we are just going to be careful.”

– Tight end Lance Kendricks had a mild concussion and Spagnuolo said he is hopeful he’ll be available by Thursday at the latest after going through the normal rounds of testing.

– Defensive tackle Justin Bannan has a sore shoulder and had an MRI, of which the results are not yet available.  

– As expected, linebacker Josh Hull aggravated his hamstring injury early in Sunday’s game and will be out this week.

– Cornerback Marquis Johnson has what is being termed a “bruised abdominal” muscle and is in the hospital tonight as a precautionary measure. More will be known tomorrow.

– Fellow corner Justin King came out of the game OK on his sprained ankle but had some swelling in his knee. He had an MRI that looked OK but he’ll be day to day this week.

– Receivers Austin Pettis and Mark Clayton also had sore knees. They’ll be limited and watched day to day also. 

– End Chris Long has a sore ankle but also seems to have come out of the game OK.

– As for previously injured running back Cadillac Williams (calf), tackle Jason Smith (concussion) and receiver Danario Alexander (hamstring), Spagnuolo said they were about the same and nothing seemed imminent for a return.

– T Mark LeVoir has a grade one strained pectoral which will keep him out two to four weeks. Spagnuolo said the Rams will need to make a move to add more depth at tackle this week.

– On the game, Spagnuolo didn’t have much to add from Sunday’s game.

– Spagnuolo said the Rams believed they had the opportunity to take advantage of some matchup things by going with an empty backfield but it just didn’t work out.

“I thought that was the right way to go at the beginning,” Spagnuolo said. “We had some periods there where we were…a lot goes to that. It’s not just the protection. The receivers have to get open and separated. If they choose to play man you have to separate a little bit. You do certain things scheme wise to get open on that. We came out in the second half with the same approach and we we’re moving the ball down field. I forget what happened at the end. Did we end up punting? Somebody will remember in here, but we we’re driving the ball at the first drive of the second half with the same approach that we had at the beginning of the game.”

– It was a rough day for QB Sam Bradford, who was hit quite a bit behind a patchwork offensive line. But Spagnuolo says he doesn’t worry about Bradford becoming “gun shy.”

“I don’t think he’ll get gun shy, but you always worry about your quarterback getting hit,” Spagnuolo said. “We’re trying not to do that. He doesn’t want that either.”

– Spagnuolo was again pleased with what he saw from the defense, which held Seattle under 300 yards, had four sacks and a pair of interceptions.

“I do,” Spagnuolo said. “I thought the defense was gritty yesterday. Obviously, the play at the end of the half that we gave up kind of sticks there. The last touchdown, again I thought we got a little aggressive, but I’m still not so sure in hindsight it wasn’t the right thing to do. You really can’t afford to have them get a field goal. They called the right play at the right time. Then there was one other play in there defensively, certainly the touchdown, the slant or whatever…overall you come out in the first two drives, you get two interceptions and I thought for the most part they played the run game pretty good except for that last run and a couple here and there. I thought the D-line, I thought played aggressive.”

– The Rams have the mandatory NFL day off tomorrow and get back to work on Wednesday with Arizona coming to town this week.

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