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Statement from Owner E. Stanley Kroenke

Posted by nickwagoner on January 2, 2012 – 4:23 PM

– The Rams announced this morning that they are replacing head coach Steve Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney. Below is the full statement from owner E. Stanley Kroenke.

“I would like to personally thank Steve and Billy for their dedication to the St. Louis Rams organization over the past several seasons,” said Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke. “This was a difficult decision for many reasons. We have tremendous respect for Steve and Billy as people and football professionals.

“No one individual is to blame for this disappointing season and we all must hold ourselves accountable. However, we believe it’s in the best interest of the St. Louis Rams to make theses changes as we continue our quest to build a team that consistently competes for playoffs and championships. We wish Steve, Billy and their families the very best in the future and thank them again for their commitment to our organization and the city of St. Louis.”

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  1. By Bryan Pfeiffer on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    This was a sad moment to see a great man as Spag’s to lose his job. He was a great coach and the players really played hard for the man. However you need to win in this league to make a successful business that the NFL is about. I think Spag’s would do good in a team that had stable support around him and not have to build from groud up. Jeff fisher or Jon Grudden works for me, tough nose ground and pound type of coaches. Looking forward to 2012!

  2. By fast eddie on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Tough pill to swollow, They did what they could with what they had. But WHO is in charge with what they had.Is it money or is it scouting? Wish I knew.

  3. By dan4rams on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    It is unfortunate, but I fully agree with ownership’s time to make a change in direction. Spag. Ihims a very good coach. It’s just the god’s didn’t throw any, any luck this man’s way. Hopefully, he’ll land on both feet and make it somewhere else. He may, just be better off with coaching in a different position. He still knows his defense. The team still has his respect, I’m sure of that. It is almost impossible for anyone to have any success, when more than half the team is injured almost all the time. It is no excuse, not a fact he has had to live with and did his best to endure. I wish

  4. By dan4rams on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    I wish for Steve and his family, all the best. He is a Class act.. All the way.

  5. By kewan on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    Man..I’m a little disappointed but it is what it is our rams have been put at the bottom of the trenches and its time somebody step in and make a change for 2012. I’m 21 years of age and iv loved the rams play sense I was 11.

  6. By ramfan4life on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    i liked spags its unfortunate his job is lost due to circumstances beyond his control however he is gone and injuries are a major factor also a major factor i would have to say letting players go like larry grant and then not addressing the need to fill the wr position in 2010 draft and waiting til 3rd rd this season to draft wr has to be somebodies fault then addressing it halfway through the season also our trainers its not exactly bum luck that we are injured all the time our preventative treatment must be scrutinized a little see if there is a ploblem in that dept nobody can win with half the team in the mash unit just food for thought i could be wrong wouldnt be a first after all i am a ram fan 4 life

  7. By GrandePoppi on Jan 2, 2012 | Reply

    It is time for a change. Everyone knew it was coming despite the reasons. You have to win in this league to stay alive. Steve and Billy will be alright but the Rams need to win. The chemistry wasn’t there. We have good players and bad players we all know. Now we need a coach who can weed and seed and a GM who will get us the parts we need. 2012 will be a good year for our Rams.

  8. By dan4rams on Jan 3, 2012 | Reply

    Wouldn’t be ironic, if in some way; some miraculous way. The Rams, could somehow get Steve Spagnuolo back. To be the Defense Coach, and do what he intended to do when arrived in St. Louis. And help the team win a Super Bowl, in that direction. I just believe, the team will always admire him and will miss him and would hate to play against the man someday. The man, the coach will be missed. By the whole team.. Like I said, good luck to him and his family. The man is a very good Coach. He’ll get back to his winning ways. Unfortunatly, with another organization.

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