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Rams HC Jeff Fisher Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 24, 2012 – 5:47 PM


– Rams coach Jeff Fisher took his turn on the podium at Lucas Oil Stadium a little more than an hour ago and touched on a variety of topics.

– Included in that discussion was a lot of talk about the potential of trading the No. 2 pick, Fisher’s thoughts on a couple of the top prospects as well as some potential free agents such as DT Albert Haynesworth and WR Randy Moss.

– Below is the full transcript of his 12-minute appearance on the dais.

(value of second pick and possible trade)

From the standpoint of when you are given a new opportunity and a fresh start, yeah, it’s a great opportunity. Certainly, it will define the immediate and hopefully the long term future of this franchise so we have a lot of options and we are going to be prepared to do whatever.

(impact of rookie wage scale on pick)

Yes, of course. It really depends on a team’s need, what type of need is involved there. Now that the scale is different, it may be perceived to be more attractive.

(On trading second pick)

We have options. We have the option to stay there and take the best player or listen to whoever is willing to talk.

(on trading Bradford)

That wouldn’t be an option, no.

(On Stan Kroenke’s involvement)

He’s very interested in the decisions that are ahead but Mr. Kroenke does not and most likely will not be involved as far as the selection process is concerned.

(More trade talk)

Again, there’s a lot of options. If we’re in a situation where we’ve got another member club that has expressed an interest and the deal is good, it could be done before draft day, you just don’t know.

(On the level of ownership involvement leading to his choice of the Rams over the Dolphins)

It didn’t have anything to do with it. Typically if you look around the league, coaching staffs and personnel departments are trusted to make those decisions.  

(On Les Snead)

He was obviously the right guy for the job. He’s done a great job thus far. He’s very, very organized and detailed. He communicates very well so it’s a great partnership between the three of us.

(On picking this high in the draft)

In 95 we did have No. 3, that was actually my first draft as head coach. And that worked out very well for us, by the way. We are hoping to have the same success.

(on evaluating character of potential draftees)

Well hopefully all the resources have been done so we have already made those decisions. You are going to take the best player at the time that fits the needs of your football team. That’s the type of thing you do between now and draft day. It should not come up on draft day.

(On completing his coaching staff)

I have just about completed that process so we obviously will have the right guy in place. We’ll be announcing the entire staff hopefully within the next couple of days.

(On Gregg Williams)

When I joined the organization, the Oiler organization, Gregg was on the staff and he coordinated for me from 2000 and did a great job for us. The timing just kind of fell into place for us, he just so happened to be at the end of the contract and it just worked out good. His body of work speaks for itself. Philosophically, we share a lot of the same views on playing defense.

(On Brandon Lloyd)

We have a number of UFAs that we are interested in keeping and he would be one of them.

(On what he learned in his year away from the game)

I recommend it. It’s hard to do but I felt like I was able to get away for awhile which I thought was important. I took advantage of the time off, really enjoyed myself. As things kind of wound down, week 14, 15, that’s when I started getting back involved and I feel great. I am really looking forward to this new phase and this new chapter.

(Having Steven Jackson)

I think anytime you are developing a young quarterback, the key to that is to be able to hand the football off. Obviously Steven has proven he can do that year after year. The staff that’s in place now has gone back and evaluated his play and his production. He has still got a lot of carries left.

(On Sam Bradford)

I think that I stand with most of the personnel people and coaches in the league that evaluated him; he’s an outstanding person, he’s very, very talented athletically and he’s got a great future. He’s a very, very good player and we have to do whatever we can to surround him with good people.

(On the NFC West)

Obviously, the success the 49ers had was extraordinary, especially considering the circumstances where we’ve got a lockout and no time to install and you have a first year head coach who comes in and does that kind of job. It was outstanding. Seattle was very competitive and Arizona is only a few years away from being in the Super Bowl so I think this division will stand on its own for a number of years now.

(On if he’s concerned with the number of offensive coordinators Bradford has had already)

Well, no. He’s had two. Last year was difficult considering the circumstances. He was very productive I think year one. I expect him to settle in now with Brian and I think they’ll work real well together and anxious to get started. We have some restrictions and limitations and we’ll have to wait awhile but I know both of them are looking forward to getting started.

(On his approach to the combine compared to before)

It’s a different experience for me particularly because we brought Les on board two weeks ago. He met some of the scouts, I met some of the scouts for the first time two weeks ago. So there’s a lot of work that needs to get done. Under different circumstances where you’ve been an organization where things get done it becomes routine. This is not routine by any means for us right now. We have a lot of work to do.

(On USC tackle Matt Kalil)

I haven’t had an opportunity to really study him as of yet. From what I hear he is very talented and has a great career ahead of him. 

(On potential interest in free agent DT Albert Haynesworth)

There’s some unrestricted free agents out there now that are not under contract that we have been talking about. He is one of them. Whether we go ahead and do something, that remains to be seen.

(On Randy Moss)

Again, there’s a number of players out there. You guys know my familiarity with Randy, I thought he was great for our locker room.

(On settling into the Rams situation)

There have been some subtle things, I think you look back over the experience and what could you have done differently here and there but the most important thing moving forward is the relationship between Les, Kevin and myself and then our ability to put together the best coaching staff we can. I think that’s the key to winning.

(On how far down he’d be willing to trade)

It really depends on your philosophy, depends on your board and depends on the players. There’s some good players that can help us in a lot of different positions well into the draft so I think you could say if you fall too low you still have the opportunity to come back up.

(On how weird it is to not be working in Tennessee anymore)

My initial press conference with the Rams was different. I’m very, very excited about the new opportunity. I think that’s when I realized I had moved on and looking forward to starting all over again.

(On never drafting an offensive lineman in the first round with the Titans)

I think Brad Hopkins was selected a couple years beforehand and coach Munchak does an outstanding job of evaluating the offensive line, as does the staff. We just felt like over the years, we could get those guys in rounds 2, 3 or 4 and develop them and we did so. We’ve got an outstanding offensive line coach with us as well and we share some of the same philosophies. That doesn’t mean we won’t take an offensive lineman that high, though.

(On if he’s seen tape of Justin Blackmon)

A couple games, yeah. I have also looked at a number of other receivers. 

(More on trading the second pick)

It’s probably unlikely that we go up. So we’ve got opportunities below us. It really depends on people’s value and people’s needs.

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