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Fisher: Jackson Talk Just Rumors

Posted by nickwagoner on April 25, 2012 – 5:53 PM

– Rams coach Jeff Fisher addressed the rampant rumors about RB Steven Jackson’s future with the team during Wednesday’s pre-draft news conference.

– For those that didn’t see it, NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi reported that Jackson is unhappy with his contract and wants out of St. Louis. Others followed it up by tacking on that the Rams could potentially trade or cut him if the team was able to draft RB Trent Richardson with the No. 6 pick tomorrow night.

– Of course, none of that ever actually came from Jackson himself nor did any word come from his camp to the Rams that Jackson is in any way unhappy.

– In fact, just last week Jackson discussed the possibility of the team drafting Richardson and whether he’d be OK with working with the talented former Crimson Tide back. Here’s what Jackson said at the time:

“The Rams are going to do what’s best for the Rams,” Jackson said. “I understand that. It’s a business. All I can do is through my own lessons, replacing another legend, is try to be there for the young guy. If he’s receptive, I’ll try to help him and do the world for him. If not, he’s just got to compete, and I’m not backing down.”

– Fisher passed along his happiness with Jackson and mentioned he believes Jackson still has plenty in the tank.

“I’ve said this before, when a big back gets old, you look for one thing – is he getting hit or is he getting tackled?” Fisher said last week. “Steven’s still getting tackled, he’s not getting hit, so he’s still got a lot left.”

– On Wednesday, Fisher was asked directly about the Jackson rumors and made it abundantly clear that he has seen or heard nothing to imply Jackson is unhappy in St. Louis.

“I think you stated it accurately,” Fisher responded when asked about the rumors. “Steven’s here in the offeason program. He’s upstairs every other day (where the coaches’ offices are located). He’s doing great. Having fun. Learning the offense. No discussion, conversation, or anything along that sort to my knowledge.”

– Fisher was then asked about the possibility of trading Jackson and said those rumors fall in the same boat.

“Same thing,” Fisher said. “We talk about the potential ways of improving the roster. But his name has not been floated out there, and I don’t know where it’s coming from. There were some rumors back when we did the trade with the Redskins that Sam (Bradford)’s name was floated out there. People are just trying to create some excitement.”


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  1. By dan4rams on Apr 25, 2012 | Reply

    See,Lombardi is just another blow hole. Or, someone else is trying to shake things up. Taking advantage, of the timing of the draft. Using, Lombardi’s named, to get it recognized. Some, sh…it for brains. Just goes to show, their are quite of few idiots out there. That just do stupid stuff, just to get a response.

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