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Draft Round One: Running Blog

Posted by nickwagoner on April 26, 2012 – 6:57 PM

11:05 P.M. CST

– Sorry we ran out of time to keep updating this with the furious pace. I’ll have another blog with some second round options tomorrow and we’ll live blog the next two rounds. Thanks for reading.

8:45 P.M. CST

– Just spoke to Rams coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead. Both men are ecstatic.

– Brockers was one of the top rated players on Rams board and the team strongly considered him at 6 according to Fisher. He said once Blackmon went at 5, they pursued trade options and were elated to get another second round pick.

– The Rams are now poised for a big Friday with four picks in the first 34 selections of tomorrow night.

– Don’t expect much more action from the Rams tonight but there is a lot to come in the next 24 hours.

– Excuse me for a break for a while here as we do more interviews and I’ll be back later with more updates.

8:13 P.M. CST

– The Eagles do indeed go with Cox.

– The Cardinals grab Floyd.

– I fully expect it to be Brockers for the Rams.

8:04 P.M. CST

– The Chiefs go with Kansas City DT Dontari Poe.

– Philadelphia has just moved up with Seattle to get Cox.

– Arizona is on the clock and expected to choose between Floyd, Reiff and DeCastro.

– Watch for the Rams to make a move on Brockers.

7:50 P.M. CST

– Carolina is up now andthey have selected LB Luke Kuechly from Boston College. That could be a very good thing for the Rams if they covet Cox at No. 14.

– The Bills are up next and are expected to be choosing between Floyd and South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore.

– Buffalo takes Gilmore.

– So we have Kansas City, Seattle and Arizona before the Rams pick.

7:45 P.M. CST

– OK, so the Rams have added a third second-round pick and now hold No. 14 in this first round. Claiborne went to Dallas and Barron went to Tampa Bay. So here’s some things to watch for as the Rams prepare for No. 14.

– DT options: Cox, LSU’s Michael Brockers – I’d make one of these guys the odds on favorite to be the pick, in that order, should they both be available.

– OL options: Staford G David DeCastro and Iowa OT Riley Reiff.¬† – It’s unlikely the Rams will go with an OL in the first round but either player would solidify this line.

– WR option: Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd – It’s unlikely Floyd falls this far but if he does, he would be under strong consideration.

– There are others but those are some names to keep an eye on.

– Miami has finally brought some sanity to the table and grabbed Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.

7:35 P.M. CST

– The Rams have traded the sixth pick in the draft to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for the 14th and 45th pick this year.

– The Cowboys will take CB Morris Claiborne. Back with thoughts on possibilities for No. 14 in a few moments.

7: 24 P.M. CST

– Well, there’s a curveball. Jacksonville moves up to No. 5. Minnesota is expected to take Kalil and Jacksonville will take Blackmon, most likely leaving Claiborne on the board for the Rams at No. 6.

– Look for the Rams to try to move out of this pick. If not, it could be Claiborne or Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox. Things just got interesting.

7:21 P.M. CST

– Richardson officially to the Browns.

– Minnesota is on the clock and all signs point to it being Kalil. That would likely mean CB Morris Claiborne to Tampa Bay, leaving Blackmon available to the Rams at No. 6.

– We’ll see how it plays out shortly here as teams are turning in their cards quickly.

7:10 P.M. CST

– We are finally underway. The Colts have made it official and selected Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

– The Redskins followed suit with Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

– Congrats to both teams and both players.

– But let me add this: I have maintained that I believe Griffin is the better player, in fact I believe he is the best player in the draft. But I won’t judge Luck much based on his first couple years in Indianapolis. Griffin is walking into a MUCH better situation in Washington right now in terms of the talent around him.

– Cleveland is up next and will make it official for Richardson. The Browns wasted no time, their pick is in already.

– Richardson is clearly an elite player that the Browns believe strongly in. Say what you want about a market being there or giving up too much for him but if that’s a franchise changing player that you believe in, why not make the move to ensure you get him?

6:40 P.M. CST

– Also, I should make note that Richardson going to Cleveland should kill once and for all the rumors about Rams RB Steven Jackson. Coach Jeff Fisher dismissed those rumors yesterday anyway but now there should be no doubt that the Rams are happy to continue moving forward with No. 39 and Jackson is going to again be the lead horse in the backfield moving forward.

6:30 P.M. CST

– Hello Rams fans, we are about 40 minutes from the draft officially getting underway but it’s already been a busy night.

– News just broke that the Vikings swapped the third pick to Cleveland for the Browns’ No. 4 overall pick plus a fourth, fifth and seventh round choice.

– The move is particularly of interest for the Rams, because it means almost certainly that Alabama RB Trent Richardson will be off the board. It is widely assumed that Richardson will be the Browns’ selection at No. 3.

– How does this affect the Rams?

– Well, as I wrote yesterday, my sense is that the Rams are looking to make a trade down from the sixth spot if Richardson is off the board. Now that he is, I still believe that to be true. Now, the to make such a deal, the Rams will have to find a trade partner. It didn’t seem like there would be much of a market for that pick but this trade actually could alter that some. Here’s how:

Minnesota is sitting at No. 4, if the Vikings pull the trigger on taking CB Morris Claiborne instead of USC OT Matt Kalil, that leaves Tampa Bay at No. 5 with a tough choice to make. The Bucs probably wouldn’t take Justin Blackman or Kalil which would put them in position to make a trade. Buffalo at No. 10 could move up for Kalil or Jacksonville at No. 7 could move up for Blackman. Either way, one of those players would be on the board for the Rams. Assuming the Rams wanted to trade down, they would have the option of dealing their sixth pick to whichever of those teams doesn’t make a deal for Blackman or Kalil.

– Again, this is speculation and much is based on what Minnesota does at No. 4 but it’s entirely possible the Rams might be in luck finding a trade partner that didn’t exist 24 hours ago.

– Keep an eye on Alabama S Mark Barron, too. He’s another player that could become a trade target for someone looking to move up.

– Stay tuned throughout the night for updates.

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6 Responses to “Draft Round One: Running Blog”

  1. By Byron on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    ESPN reports Jacksonville will trade picks with TB. What will Rams do now?

  2. By Byron on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Rams, I believe, made a big mistake not getting Claiborne. We need CB help BAD.

  3. By Paul on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Floyd at 14 – Cox or Brockers will work. I think we should have taken Claiborne at 6. we have 2 1st rounds in 2013 & 14. We can trade one of those picks for more picks. We neede blue chip guys. I hope Snead and Fish know what they are doing.

  4. By Paul on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    ok so we got Brockers at 14. I agree Byron. We should have taken Claiborne. Let’s hope that Coach Fish knows what he is doing.

  5. By Stevens on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Yes they know what they are doing!!! Brilliant moves. Inside pressure from a big DT will be the best thing the CBs could hope for. With Finnegan and returning-from-IR CBs this is a (relative) strength. And of course the run-stopping ability as well. Truly brilliant moves: altogether they got an extra 2 1st rounders + 2 2nd rounders, while still superbly meeting their top need. These guys are going to turn things around faster than we might have hoped. Run down their starting line up: with a few holes and little depth, this is shaping up as a very good team. Next 4: wr, og, and especially LB, and these guys are laying the foundation for a strong team for years to come.

  6. By Marija on May 21, 2012 | Reply

    Toby,How rare is this draft. At number 5 the bucs could plosibsy have a shot at a:Franchise TackleFranchise RBFranchise WRFranchise CBI think it really depends on what caliber players will be available for their second pick. If they feel the O-line is good enough and a solid RB will be available for the second pick, that leaves CB or WR and obvoiusly our need is corner. I think Blackmon could make the biggest impact for this team in a pass happy NFL.

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