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Rams Add TE Eldridge

Posted by nickwagoner on May 23, 2012 – 2:14 PM

– The Rams continued to bulk up the roster via any means necessary late last week when they put in a claim on released Indianapolis tight end Brody Eldridge.

– Eldridge comes to the Rams from the Colts, where he was a fifth-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft out of Oklahoma.

– In his two seasons in Indy, Eldridge built a reputation as a strong in line blocker. At 6’5, 265 pounds, he certainly looks the part and had some success in that role for Indianapolis.

– On the flip side, Eldridge hasn’t been used much as a receiving target early in his career. He’s started 16 games over two seasons while appearing in 27.

– In that time, Eldridge has 14 catches for 84 yards.

– For the Rams, Eldridge will challenge for a roster spot amongst a large group of young tight ends looking to solidify spots. In traditional Jeff Fisher coached teams, he’s always wanted to have a “move” tight end who can block out in space and catch passes along with a solid in line blocker who can serve as a de facto third tackle.

– Here, it appears that Lance Kendricks will be the most likely candidate to fill the “move” role but the competition for the other spots will be heated. Mike Hoomanawanui is still returning from injury but has showed ability as an inline blocker and solid pass catcher. But free agent addition Matt Mulligan and Eldridge seem poised to compete with Hoomanawanui and a young group of undrafted free agents that includes UCLA’s Cory Harkey (another noted strong in line blocker).

– The Rams will be on the practice field for another OTA today. Updates to come in this space later.

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4 Responses to “Rams Add TE Eldridge”

  1. By Stevens on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    Anyone know anything about the Skins salary cap problems? I understand it is some kind of setback (which is good, of course: it cannot hurt to have another top 5 pick next year) for them, but what exactly happened? Can’t find a clear explanation online.

  2. By Steve on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    If you remember back to 2010, the league ran an “uncapped” year, that is no salary cap like normal. The Redskins, Cowboys, Saints and Raiders were all accused earlier this year of taking advantage of the uncapped situation. Essentially, teams were told ahead of time that they couldn’t “expedite” spending into the uncapped year. For extreme example, Sam Bradford’s contract gives him $50 million guaranteed, payable over ‘x’ years. In an uncapped year, his salary may have been 10 mil, but say the Rams wanted to free up cap space for future years, or maybe were concerned that he’d bust, and they’d need to release him (extreme ex.) If they paid Sam $40 mil in the uncapped year, they’d be essentially off the hook later in his contract. That’s an example, and extreme at that. Any way, the four teams mentioned were accused of such behavior despite league warnings. The Redskins did it the worst, and are punished to the tune of $36 million to be divided over the next two years. The Cowboys are being docked $10 million. That $48 million is then being redistributed to the cap of the 28 innocent teams (so players aren’t punished at all). The Saints and Raiders, are being punished to a lesser extent, by not receiving a portion of the salary boost like the other teams. I hope that all makes sense for you!

  3. By Stevens on May 26, 2012 | Reply

    Steve: Thanks, that was quite a helpful explanation. I was actually in the Middle East that year and could not keep up to date on too much—knew nothing about it, actually. Busy time.

    So I guess that timing (next two years) is perfect for us. Maybe we will have so few holes by then that we can actually keep high picks these next few years.

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