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Rookies Report for Duty, Roster Moves

Posted by nickwagoner on July 24, 2012 – 3:39 PM

– The Rams will officially open their 2012 training camp on Sunday afternoon with the full squad but the pieces are beginning to fall into place as their rookie class reports for camp today.

– That group will have some meetings and things today but will kick into action on Wednesday with their first practice. The rookies are set to practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the veterans report on Saturday.

– A couple of quick roster updates to know before camp begins: Offensive lineman Michael Hay was released on Tuesday morning. Hay was with the team throughout OTAs and the minicamps. I wrote a piece on Hay and all he’s been through early in camp. Here’s wishing him the best of luck in the future.

– Also, CB Jeremy Caldwell has decided to walk away from the game. Occasionally a player sees the writing on the wall and opts to pursue other opportunities. Caldwell is moving on with his life. Best of luck to him as well.

– As for the rookies that WILL be coming to St. Louis today, there are still two players that remain unsigned from the rookie class. Cornerbacks Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson have yet to come to terms on deals. The reasons are different in eachcase but the Rams still expect to have both players in camp sooner than later.

– In fact, it’s likely Johnson and the Rams will get something done in the next 24 hours and he’ll be on the practice field tomorrow.

– There is hope that the same will be true for Jenkins as well. Either way, the Rams remain confident their entire rookie class will be signed and ready to roll by the time the real thing starts on Sunday. At the latest.

– As for what these next three practices will look like for the rookies, they don’t figure to be anything too substantial. The Rams haven’t done anything like this before really but the idea is to get the rookies here and get them a quick refresher course on what they learned in the spring so when the veterans arrive they are as prepared mentally as can be. Each practice is expected to last about an hour.

– It’s also probably not a bad idea to get the rookies used to the oppressive summer heat here in St. Louis. With temperatures consistently soaring in the 100 degree range, the rookies will have a difficult enough time adjusting to the heat and the physical nature of a NFL practice.

– One thing to keep in mind, though: Coach Jeff Fisher wants his teams to be tough and physical but he’s not one of those coaches who will have his team in pads full time and going live on a regular basis. He’ll make sure they’re tough and sharp but he’s not going to run them into the ground.

– A quick retrospective along those lines, if you don’t mind: In 2008, the Rams trained in Nashville with the Titans for a week. The one thing that stood out immediately was how well conditioned the Titans were and the energy they constantly played with in those practices. They were physical, crisp and boisterous. A big part of that was Fisher kept his players fresh. He didn’t do too many two a day practices (of course the CBA limits that now anyway but Fisher wasn’t really using them before) and he doesn’t keep his team in full pads all the time. When they do go to full pads, it’s fair to expect some intensity but just know that every day of practice doesn’t figure to be some sort of hard hitting, over the top battle.

– Anyway, welcome back to the blog. We’ll have updates here every day moving forward with everything from daily news bits to roster updates to weather and camp updates. Thanks for reading.

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  1. By Ramprint on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for the heads up Nick, I look forward to reading more things as camo builds up.

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