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Quick Hits from Fisher’s Monday News Conference

Posted by nickwagoner on August 27, 2012 – 10:18 PM

– I realize this is the third blog entry of the day but just wanted to rundown some quick bits and pieces from coach Jeff Fisher’s news conference. I’ve already delved far enough into the cuts in the previous blog and the story coming on the site so these will be more about moving forward, so let’s knock these out real quick.

– On the injury front, Fisher labeled DT Darell Scott, S Darian Stewart and G Harvey Dahl as questionable for this week’s game against Baltimore. It’s unlikely any of the three will play on the short week and with only one more practice between now and the game.

– Fisher said the decision for the next round of cuts is going to be sorted as the week goes on but declined to name a specific spot where roster battles are still forming. Instead, he believes that there’s more shuffling to be done with guys that will be on the roster, for instance who is going to be the third corner in the nickel? We know who is going to make the team there but there’s shuffling to be done in terms of roles.

– He also acknowledged that the search for more players shaking loose from other teams is an ongoing process and will continue moving forward. With a team this young and lacking depth in some areas, it’s probably fair to say the Rams will add a player or two to their 53-man roster before prep for Detroit begins.

– On the Dallas game, which we covered here extensively yesterday, Fisher gave some positives and negatives, many of which were the same as his post-game reactions.

Positive: The running of rookie RB Daryl Richardson, the performances of the special teams as a whole
Negative: Poor tackling, miscommunication (especially on the back end) and breakdowns in protection up front.

– Fisher also addressed the play of QB Sam Bradford and said that Bradford held the ball a bit long on one play and the rest of the time the protection wasn’t there as Dallas threw quite a few blitzes and fronts at him.

– Last week, Fisher discussed working rookie WRs Chris Givens and Brian Quick with the first team but it didn’t happen against the Cowboys. On Monday, he said that would still be a goal for this week but would make no guarantees because the other wideouts are also still working on timing with Bradford.

“There’s a chance we’ll move them up,” Fisher said. “I’d like to see Quick and Givens up there but they are all young receivers so it’s just a matter of…so we’ll play as many as we can early in the game. With the numbers down, they will be playing throughout the game.”

– All for now, more from Fisher in story about cuts coming soon to front page.

– Thanks for reading.

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