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Wrapping Up Arizona

Posted by nickwagoner on November 26, 2012 – 11:05 PM

– As is Monday’s custom, it’s time to take a look back at Sunday’s win against Arizona through the eyes of Rams coach Jeff Fisher as he addressed the media on Monday afternoon.

– As always, let’s start¬†on the injury front. Fisher said his team made it through Sunday’s game pretty clean and healthy.

– On WR Danny Amendola, Fisher said he is sore but he’s healing and it’s possible Amendola could get some practice time in this week as he continues to battle a heel injury. We’ll see where he is on Wednesday.

– In the big picture sense, Fisher refused to discuss anything about where the Rams stand in the playoff picture or anything beyond this week’s game. Make no mistake, this matchup with San Francisco has been circled on both teams’ calendars since the first one ended in a tie. Fisher said that Sunday against the Niners will “tell us where we are as a team” and again referred to it as a big challenge.

– That’s not to say Fisher doesn’t value his team’s performance so far in the NFC West Division. He’s proud of the strides made within that group and said success starts there but also acknowledged the games that slipped away early.

– Fisher said as coaches he and his staff prefer to have corrections after wins instead of losses because it allows them to be harder on the players and, of course, for the obvious reasons.

– Some more Fisher thoughts on the game and the way some of his players are coming along:

– On the offensive line’s performance, Fisher called it “our best game” and said with the results in the run game and the protection for QB Sam Bradford that the front five should “only get better up front.”

–¬†Fisher was pleased with C Scott Wells’ return and said he looked fine and felt good after the game.

– Wrote about it last week but Fisher gave more credit to Robert Turner, who filled in more than capably at C with Wells out and stepped in at LG on Sunday and played well again. Wells remains one of the most underrated free agent pickups of the offseason.

– Fisher is pleased with the continued evolution of rookie WR Chris Givens. Givens is now getting more involved than just running deep go routes. Yes, he caught one for a touchdown on Sunday but he also caught a tunnel screen that he turned into a big gain and ran a few other routes that yielded big plays.

– Asked whether he thought the one-game suspensions for CB Janoris Jenkins and Givens served as a wake up call to the young duo, Fisher didn’t think that it made that much of a difference. He did, however, say that both players while productive still have room for “considerable improvement.”

– One negative development in Sunday’s game was the continued struggles of rookie K Greg Zuerlein. Now, in fairness to Zuerlein, he hasn’t had many opportunities to kick field goals of late but he did miss a chip shot from 35 yards against the Cardinals. Before that, he hadn’t missed many that weren’t from great distances. But it was a little shocking to see the miss. But Fisher said Zuerlein just kicked the ball way too fast. In a normal operation, the Rams shoot for 1.20 seconds to get the kick off, Fisher said it was gone in 1.13 and that was the reason for the miss. Still, he’s not concerned and still has great faith in Zuerlein, who did connect on a short field goal later in the game.

– Another player who Fisher dished some praise to was TE Lance Kendricks. Kendricks continues to be an integral blocker in the run and pass game and has continued to show drastic improvement from his rookie year as a receiver. Fisher said it’s good to see Kendricks progress. Don’t be surprised if he’s more involved as the year goes on, especially if the O-line continues to develop cohesion.

– Finally, Fisher also offered even further praise of RB Steven Jackson, who put together a dominant performance on Sunday (see front page for a full story on Jackson revving up the run game). Most notably, Fisher said that the Jackson you see now is the one you will see the rest of the year.

– The Rams get back to work in preparation for San Francisco on Wednesday but I’m sure plenty will be around tomorrow. This game is one they can’t wait to get rolling.

– Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Wrapping Up Arizona”

  1. By sharky towers on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    What a fantastic recap. I’ll be back every Monday! I’m just so happy that the Rams are done with the “one step forward two steps back” feel from the pre-Fisher days. I can only hope that this progression continues. This year feels so much better from a fan perspective than any I can remember, regardless of record.

    The team is on the right track.

  2. By John Goddard on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    Through the season, I have thought that the Tight ends would have been a better safe out for Bradford, but they were peobably needed to help the front 5. There is an opening for them until the opposition focuses on them, then running backs and more importantly, the wide outs will find more long avanues. That is when the offensive line gets up to par as designed before the season started.

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