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Posted by nickwagoner on December 2, 2012 – 4:46 PM


– Rams start from their 20.

– Jackson runs for 2 on first down.

– Bradford to Givens for 16 yards and a first down.

– A long Jackson run comes back for a holding on TE Matthew Mulligan. Not a good flag there.

– First and 20 from the Rams’ 28.

– Richardson for 3 to the 31.

– Bradford to Richardson for 2 to make it third-and-15.

– Incomplete on third down. Rams must punt.

– Next points win the game.

– Niners take over at their 20.

– Kaepernick hits Davis for 9 on first down.

– After a first down run by Gore for 6, a holding made it first and 20.

– Kaepernick throws incomplete on first down to make it second-and-20 at the 25.

– A 1-yard run by Gore and a completion to Moss for a gain of 7 and a false start penalty gets it back for the Rams following a 60-yard punt.

– Rams start from their 27.

– Bradford misses Givens deep on first down.

– A 6-yard run and a 3-yard completion to Quick forced the Rams to punt.

– Hekker shanked it and the Niners get it at midfield. Devastating for the Rams.

– Niners convert on third-and-4 with a 7-yard completion to Moss to the Rams 37.

– Akers misses wide right.

– Rams get it with great field position at their 41.

– Jackson gains 3 on first down.

– Great adjustment on third and 3 by Givens for 6 and a first down at San Francisco’s 46.

– Jackson for 9 on first down.

– It’s second and 1 at San Fran’s 37 with 2 minutes to go.

– Jackson loses 3, not a good play for Rams.

– Difficult third-and-4 here.

– Jackson runs for 3, just short of the first.

– Rams will have a 54-yard field goal from Zuerlein to win it with 30 seconds left.

– The rookie does it by knocking it down the middle.

– Rams win it 16-13.

– What a win. What an exhausting, beautiful win for the Rams.

– They improve to 5-6-1 and keep hope alive for the postseason. What a game.

Fourth Quarter

– A second down incompletion was nullified by a personal foul for helmet to helmet on Quinn. Tough call.

– First down at the Niners 45.

– Fans not pleased with the call.

– Gore runs for no gain on first down.

– Gore gained 2 to make it third and 8.

– Huge play there and Kaepernick hits Crabtree for 30 to the Rams’ 23. That play went for about as many yards as the Niners had gained since their touchdown.

– Defense holds to a field goal attempt.

– David Akers hits from 23 yards out. Niners lead 10-2 but it’s still a one-possession game.

– Rams start from their 19.

– No time to waste. Need points and quick. A touchdown and 2 point ties it up.

– Rams moved to midfield with a 14-yard completion to Jackson and a 9 yarder to Givens but they couldn’t move the chains on third and 4 and punted it away.

– Niners take over at their 10. Defense must get a stop here. 4:41 to go and can’t allow San Fran to flip the field.

– On third-and-3 at the 17, the Niners lined up in pistol formation and ran a read option, Kaepernick kept it and pitched it wide for Ginn. But it went over his head and CB Janoris Jenkins recovered it from the 2 and scored an apparent touchdown.

– The review confirmed it and it’s 10-8.

– Rams for for 2.

– Bradford hits Kendricks for the catch and run to tie it at 10 with 3:04 to go.

– San Francisco starts from its 20.

– On first down from the 36, Kaepernick breaks contain and rumbles 50 yards to the Rams’ 14.

– Huge swing of momentum and Niners have chance to put this one away at the 2-minute warning.

– Surprisingly, Niners throw on first down and its incomplete.

– A holding penalty made it second and 20 at the 24.

– Gore loses 1 on second down to make it third-and-21 at the 25.

– Timeout Rams.

– Kaepernick hits from 33 yards out.

– Niners lead 13-10 with 1:34 and Rams still have a timeout.

– Rams start from their 20 and Bradford does the damage with his legs.

– Two runs for 25 yards and a personal foul penalty gave the Rams a first down at San Francisco’s 40.

– A drop by Kendricks and a bad call by the refs on a completion to Pettis made the Rams settle for two 5-yard completions to set up Zuerlein from 53 yards out.

– Zuerlein hits and we are headed to overtime. It’s only fitting.

Third Quarter

– San Francisco starts from its 20 to open the half.

– Another three and out by the defense. Great work from that group.

– The offense looks to get some momentum starting from its 22.

– The Rams started their best drive of the day with an 11-yard completion to Givens. He caught an 8-yarder two plays later and Jackson made a 20-yard grab.

– On third-and-8 at San Francisco’s 35, Jackson caught a screen pass and went 22 yards to the Niners’ 13 for a first down.

– After they overcame a false start, the Rams found themselves with a fourth-and-1 at the Niners’ 4.

– The Rams opted to throw and Pettis couldn’t come down with it to turn it over.

– The Niners take over at their 4.

– The defense does its job and then some, coming up with a safety as Kaepernick was flagged for grounding on first down.

– It’s 7-2 Niners.

– Rams start from their 30.

– They get a first down on a defensive holding to the 35.

– That was all for the Rams as they came up a yard short on a third down completion to Givens.

– Hekker hit a perfect punt 55 yards out of bounds at the 1, where San Francisco takes over.

– Kaepernick hits Crabtree for gains of 10 and 21 to the Rams’ 28.

– San Francisco has a first down there and a 7-2 lead at the end of three.

Second Quarter

– With an assist from a holding penalty that wiped out a long run by Gore, the Rams got a stop and start again at their 10. Not great field position but a big stop nonetheless. Offense needs to at least flip field position here.

– The Rams got a first down when Bradford hit TE Lance Kendricks for 9 on second and 8 to their 21.

– That progress was lost by a penalty but P Johnny Hekker took it on himself to flip field position with a 63-yard punt angled down the left sideline.

– The Niners get it back at their 24.

– San Francisco moved to midfield but got no further as Hayes dropped Gore for a loss of 3 on second down.

– The Niners punt it back, the Rams get it at their 18.

– Three and out again as Aldon Smith picks up a sack on second down.

– Niners take over at their 40.

– Defense continues to keep Rams in the game with another three and out. Need some help. Been on the field a lot.

– Rams start again from their 13. Been fighting uphill in terms of field position as well.

– Bradford hits Givens for 7 on first down.

– He finds Jackson for 5 on second down to move the chains at the 25.

– Bradford hit Kendricks for 20 over the middle two plays later for a first down in San Francisco territory.

– A spike, an 8-yard pass to Jackson and an incompltion made it fourth and 2.

– Zuerlein missed from 58 yards to give it back to Niners at their 48 with 25 seconds.

– Big sack by DE Eugene Sims for a loss of 9 on second down.

– That made it third and 18 from their 40 with 12 seconds to play.

– Hayes followed with his second sack of the game.

– On fourth and 19, the Niners threw it away.

– At the end of the first half, the Niners lead 7-0.

– Outstanding work by the defense. Need the offense to help them out. They did find some rhythm on the last drive, maybe they can find a way for that to carry over.

First Quarter

– Rams receive to open the game.

– Bradford incomplete on first down, lucky not intercepted by LB Ahmad Brooks.

– RB Steven Jackson picked up 4 yards and tacked on 15 more for an unnecessary roughness penalty to the 39.

– Two runs gained 9 to set up a third and 1 but Jackson was stopped for no gain and the Rams had to punt. A dissapointing non-conversion on short yardage.

– A penalty on S Craig Dahl on the punt gives the Niners a first down at their 25 to start.

– The defense responded with a quick three and out but the Rams again got a bad penalty on special teams and the Rams start from their 5.

– Three and out for the Rams. They punted away and San Francisco takes over at its 40.

– The Niners took advantage of the field position and moved into Rams territory quickly on a 23-yard run by Gore.

– Gore later finished the drive after another third down conversion with a 1-yard touchdown run.

– San Francisco leads 7-0 with 2:58 to go in the first quarter.

– The Rams start again from their 20.

– Three and out again for the Rams as they again fail to convert on third and short.

– Niners take over at their 40.

– Kaepernick hits Randy Moss for 16 yards to end the quarter with a first down at the Rams 42.

Pregame Notes

– Greetings from the Edward Jones Dome where the Rams and Niners are preparing for today’s matchup.

– Obviously, this is a big game for a number of reasons. If the Rams want to cling to hopes for the postseason, they must have this one. Of course, if they win it, they aren’t quite in control of their own destiny but there are some tough games for the teams they’d be competing with for a sixth and final playoff spot today that could re-position them in a good spot.

– And, of course, this is a chance to finish the business that they left open in the first meeting, a 24-24 tie that left the Rams exasperated because it was so eminently winnable.

– On the inactives, WR Danny Amendola will not play today because of a foot injury. He toughed it out last week in Arizona on a limited basis and did make one big play. His absence can’t be overstated. He was phenomenal in the first meeting and taking him out of the equation changes things substantially. It’s a much more difficult win to get without Amendola in the lineup.

– Here’s the full inactive list: Amendola, LB Mario Haggan (elbow), QB Austin Davis, T Joe Barksdale, RB Terrance Ganaway, OL Chris Williams and DT Matt Conrath.

– On the bright side, C Scott Wells (knee) and DE Robert Quinn (concussion) have been cleared and are expected to start. Quinn passed the appropriate tests and is ready to go after doing some individual work on Friday. Wells did some limited work Friday but was mainly just being maintained all week. The line should have the same look as last week.

– One quick roster note: LB Sammy Brown has been promoted to the active roster. CB Quinton Pointer was released to make room for him. Pointer is expected back on the practice squad upon clearing waivers.

– San Fran inactives: QB Scott Tolzien, RB LaMichael James, S Trenton Robinson, RB Jewel Hampton, G Joe Looney, TE Demarcus Dobbs, NT Ian Williams.

– Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for updates throughout the game.

– The Rams, of course, are celebrating their 75th anniversary today. If you haven’t yet, check out the story on the front page about this weekend’s activities. As such, the Rams are wearing the blue and yellow throwbacks.

– San Francisco is wearing white tops with gold pants.

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6 Responses to “Rams vs. Niners: Running Blog”

  1. By David Miller on Dec 2, 2012 | Reply

    Rams football is back! The rams have out-played one of the best teams in football for 10 quarters AND OUT-TOUGHED THEM throughout……did you see how beat up Frank Gore was (he had had enough of the beating)! How about Brockers in the middle!!! BEAST!!!
    Bradford was solid…..Givins and Jenkins stars in the making.

    A big THANKS coach Fisher and staff……it’s really fun watching the Rams again!

  2. By Ray Esquibel on Dec 2, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve been a ram fan since birth and to see that young team battle advisory all game and the league or commentators give them no chance in what I saw a winnable game. Just makes this win even sweeter. This team showed a lot of guts and poise. That makes me so proud to call myself a true ram fan. With a deep and loaded draft coming up I can’t wait to see what the organization does. They still can run the table and possibly with some help compete in the postseason. But for now I’m calling this season highly successful no matter the outcome of the final results. Way to go team. Go RAMS!!!!

  3. By highvoltagedad on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Been a Rams fan forever. ( 1962 ) real proud of the effort today. On the road to winning.

  4. By Floyd Hill on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I too have been a fan for long time and have suffered through a lot of unpleasent remarks from people I know in ST. Louis and elsewhere, and even people I don’t know have just chimed in on how much the Rams suck, and I just smile and say hey “I am a fan”, and I ride good or bad but I didn’t get to see either of the the games the Ram played against the Niners because they didn’t broacast here in Afghanistan, but I can say this I am pleased with with this season, because this team has gone toe to toe with the so called best in the leauge and stuffed them so cudos to Fisher and staff and the Rams. Go RAMS!!!!

  5. By Floyd Hill on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I too am a long time fan of the RAMS, and while I didn’t get to watch the game because they didn’t broadcast it here in Afghanistan so I was quite pleased to see that the Rams continued where they had left off and beat the Niner’s, it really makes all of the criticism that I take about how crappy my team is and how can you support that team well when you see you team put everything they have into winnig it makes it all worth while. Go RAMS!!!

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