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Wrapping Up San Francisco

Posted by nickwagoner on December 3, 2012 – 11:03 PM

– Rams coach Jeff Fisher just completed his day after game news conference, discussing his team’s big 16-13 win against San Francisco on Sunday. Let’s get right to Fisher’s thoughts on a variety of topics.

– What better place to start than the defense that essentially shut the Niners down and led the Rams to victory?

– Fisher said it was a hard fought, physical game where his defense played very well. He was particularly happy with the defensive line, calling it that group’s best all around performance of the season.

– According to Fisher, the defense had a few new wrinkles in for the Niners running game and RB Frank Gore but for the most part stuck to its principles. He also pointed to a big play made late by S Craig Dahl, who brought Gore down in the open field after a 6-yard run. Had Gore gotten past Dahl, it might have been curtains for the Rams.

– On rookie DT Michael Brockers, Fisher said he is improving and noted how stout and strong he was in Sunday’s game. Brockers was credited with 11 tackles by the coaches review and even made a nice tackle down the field in showing off his athleticism. The kid can play and he’s only getting better by the week.

– Fisher also threw some praise to DEs William Hayes and Eugene Sims. With Robert Quinn not practicing all week and coming back from a concussion, the Rams wanted to limit his snaps to third downs and in doing so put the onus on Hayes and Sims. Both played well and Fisher noted Hayes’ versatility has been a real positive for the group all season but especially the past month-plus.

– On Quinn, Fisher said he came out of the game fine and is expected to be OK moving forward.

– One more note on Quinn: Fisher said he watched the coaches tape closely but never saw the “helmet contact” that was inexplicably called against Quinn for a 15-yard penalty. He said he understands protecting the QB but thought that one was nowhere to be found.

– As for CB Janoris Jenkins, Fisher said he is going to keep trying to coach him up to get to a point where he can be more consistent. Fisher did point out that it’s natural for him to be riding a bit of a rollercoaster, especially with teams targeting Jenkins over Cortland Finnegan.

– On Jenkins’ touchdown, Fisher noted Jenkins’ explosion to the ball and said he’d expect Jenkins to beat Ted Ginn Jr. to the ball nine out of 10 times.

– Fellow rookie Chris Givens earned some plaudits from Fisher for his work on underneath routes and said that he will continue to get more and more plays as he gets even more proficient in those areas. He wants to continue to put Givens in position to get yards after the catch as well.

– As for the total offensive performance, Fisher was pleased with QB Sam Bradford and the group’s ability to come through when it was needed. He also made no pretense that things can’t be better. He said he hoped for more balance between offense and defense moving forward and noted that he wants to see more chunks of yards and points on the board.

– One other penalty that Fisher was not pleased with was the false start penalty on LT Rodger Saffold. To Fisher, it was clear that SF LB Aldon Smith was offsides and Saffold reacted to it.

– On a more big picture level, Fisher made it abundantly clear that his team is not thinking about the playoffs and is already turning its attention to Buffalo this week.

– Fisher said his team will get plenty of rest after playing nearly five full quarters again yesterday but it won’t be the same change in mode from the first meeting because this time his team was at home, didn’t have to travel, didn’t change time zone and won the game. Still, he’ll be cognizant of it this week but probably not to the extent of last time.

– On the team’s performance in the division, clearly Fisher is happy about it but he’s also quick to point out that it “does you no good unless you win the next game.”

– A final note that we didn’t get to cover except in the running blog yesterday: the Rams activated rookie LB Sammy Brown from the practice squad and released CB Quinton Pointer to make room. Fisher said it was time to get Brown some opportunities on special teams and noted the fine work Brown has done on scout team this year. It’s likely Pointer will be brought back to the practice squad assuming he clears waivers.

– That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, as always.

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2 Responses to “Wrapping Up San Francisco”

  1. By nich4rams on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I Love, how the Rams are playing with the spirit and
    never say die attitude! I’m also, really glad to see Sammy
    Brown more chance to show his steel. He is a warrior. He
    Plays with such emotion and has such a high motor. If he
    can make his time pan out. He’ll be proving how much of a
    great asset he can be. Helping, out with his ability to
    get after the QB. He reminded me of, A. J. Mosley for Alabama. I’ve said it before. The Rams, had very little
    chance of making the playoffs this year. But, they have
    certainly served notice to at least their own division.

    That, they will be a team worth reckoning with come next
    year. Also, they aren’t dead this year yet. I can Only,
    Imagine what the Rams will look like come this time next year.

    With the Draft coming soon for next year, this team is
    getting ready to reload with a new fix of really talented
    players infusing with what they already have. Yes, I know
    that does mean some on the team now won’t be here this
    time next year. I’m just picturing a group of young new
    players that are just going to launch this team the other
    level that this team will soon be. Then, the 2014 draft
    added to that. Oh! My! I just Hope that between Jeff
    Fisher and Les Snead, this team could get scary good.
    There are so many, polished players that are just going to
    make this team so electric and fun to watch again. With a
    couple new Offensive linemen and another great catching
    TE and another good running back or two. Also, another
    WR or two that are bringing their talents to this team.

    The Rams, that are on this team are good. Some, quite
    a few just need more time to get acculamated to their
    play and coached to their potential. Then, with the
    additional talent will just add to the show. Get ready,
    fans were not there yet. But, it won’t be as long from
    now as you think.

  2. By Vazza on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    the real nfc west champs, 4-0-1 in the division, enough said

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