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Posted by nickwagoner on December 30, 2012 – 7:07 PM


– Bradford finds Gibson for 11 to Seattle’s 20.

– He follows with a strike to Kendricks for 10 after Pead gained 5 to Seattle’s 5.

– A delay of game penalty followed by a 7-yard run by Jackson left the Rams 2 yards short of the end zone.

– Another false start on the Rams moved it back 5 yards.

– Zuerlein on to try a 25 yard field goal. He converts. We’re tied at 13 with 11:23 to go.

– Seattle starts at its 15.

– Wilson hits Robinson for 19 and a first down to the 34.

– Lynch for 4 to the 38.

– An illegal formation pushed Seattle back 5 yards to make it second and 11 at the 33.

– Lynch runs for 2 to make it third and 9 at the 35. Big play for the Rams here.

– A holding call on McCoy moved it back 10 yards and nullified a big gainer.

– It’s third and 19 from the 25.

– Rams get the stop after a 13-yard scramble by Wilson.

– A running into the kicker penalty made it fourth and 1 and Seattle opted to punt again.

– Rams take over at their 23 with 7:32 to go.

– Bradford finds Pettis for 15 on first down to the 38.

– Jackson gained 4 on the next play.

– On second and 6 at the 42, Bradford was hit as he threw, the play was ruled a fumble and LB Malcolm Smith recovered and returned it for a touchdown.

– But the play is under review.

– There’s also a holding penalty on the Rams that will be enforced if the play is overturned.

– Play is reversed, Bradford’s arm going forward. It’s incomplete. Holding on the Rams makes it second and 16 at the Rams 32.

– Bradford hits Jackson for 12 but came up short and the Rams punted again.

– Seattle starts from its 10.

– Lynch for 8 on first down to the 18.

– Huge opportunity missed by Rams as Lynch fumbles it forward but Tate recovers at the 22 for a first down. Could have been huge.

– Wilson incomplete on first down.

– Wilson runs for 5 to make it third and 5.

– Wilson escapes trouble and hits Tate for 44 yards. Huge play.

– Wilson to Robinson for 4 yards to the 25.

– Lynch gains 6 to make it first down at Rams’ 19.

– That third down play looks likely to come back to haunt Rams.

– Wilson takes the read option and scampers 16 yards for a first down at the Rams’ 3 with 1:51 to go.

– A chance for a fumble recovery and the third down really hurting the Rams here. Great defensive effort but unable to come up on right side of either of those opportunities.

– Lynch scores from 3 yards out. Seahawks take 20-13 lead with 1:45 to go.

– The call is reversed as Lynch is ruled to have stepped out of bounds before the score.

– Wilson makes it not matter as he scrambles for a 1-yard TD to make it 20-13 Seattle with 1:39 to go.

– Rams have two timeouts to work with.

– Rams start from their 20.

– Pass interference gives the Rams 25 yards on first play, nice start.

– Bradford finds Kendricks for 15 to Seattle’s 40.

– He follows with 5 to Jackson after an incompletion.

– Third and 5 from Seattle’s 35.

– Bradford throws incomplete.

– It’s fourth and 5 from Seattle’s 35.

– Bradford scrambles for 6 yards and a first down. Got out of bounds with 53 seconds left at Seattle’s 29.

– Incomplete to Kendricks on first down.

– Hit as he threw incomplete on second.

– Another incompletion another fourth down. Need 10 this time though.

– Interception by Richard Sherman as Bradford throws for Pettis. That’ll do it.

– Seahawks win it 20-13.

Third Quarter

– Seahawks get the ball first to open third quarter. They start at their 15.

– After two plays gain 8, the Hawks hit a big one as Wilson found Anthony McCoy for a gain of 49 to the Rams’ 28.

– Long picked up his third sack of the day and forced the Seahawks to kick a 49-yard field goal.

– Rams lead 7-6 with 10:41 to go in the third quarter.

– Rams start again from their 20.

– Three runs for Jackson gained 23 yards and a holding penalty on Seattle gave the Rams another first down at their 48.

– TE Mike McNeill couldn’t quite come down with a strong throw by Bradford that would have gone for a big gain.

– Bradford finds Richardson for 3 to make it third and 7 at Seattle’s 49.

– Bradford hits Pettis for 8 and moves the chains to Seattle’s 41.

– Seattle challenged the spot.

– The ball was moved back a yard but still a first down at Seattle’s 42.

– Bradford hit Givens for 17 to the 25 and another first down.

– A 5-yard completion to Amendola made it third and 5 but Bradford missed Gibson and Zuerlein booted a 39-yard field goal.

– Rams lead 10-6 with 5:31 to go in the third quarter.

– Seattle starts from its 35 after another 15-yard roughness penalty on the Rams.

– Wilson to Baldwin for 12 on first down.

– Another silly penalty on the Rams jumping offsides made it third and 1 but the Seahawks gave it right back on a false start to make it third and 6.

– Wilson hit Tate for 31 to the Rams’ 18 and then pulled out a tough throw to Lynch for 8.

– On second and 2 from the 10, Wilson found FB Michael Robinson for a touchdown.

– Seahawks lead 13-10 with 2:09 to go in the third.

– Seahawks try an onside kick but touch it before it goes 10 yards, giving Rams field position at their 41. Best starting position of the day.

– RB Isaiah Pead with a cameo, he gains 7 on first down.

-Pead for 7 more on second down to Seattle’s 45.

– Pead gains 1 and Bradford hits Gibson for 12 yards and a first down to Seattle’s 31.

– At the end of three quarters, Seattle leads 13-10 and Rams have a first down at the Seahawks 31.

Second Quarter

– Two Richardson runs went for no gains to make it third and 10.

– Delay of game penalty pushed the Rams back 5.

– Seahawks continue to own field position and time of possession, take over at Rams’ 42.

– Rams defense with back against the wall often today.

– Lynch darts for 24 to the Rams’ 18.

– False start pushed Seattle back to the 23.

– Lynch for no gain on second down.

– DE Robert Quinn drops Wilson for a sack and loss of 2.

– Seahawks settle for 43-yard FG from K Steven Hauschka. They lead 3-0 with 10:40 to go in the half.

– Rams have at least a little breathing room to start this drive, taking over at their 24. Need to cut down the silly penalties and put a drive together. Defense has been put in tough position multiple times already.

– Bradford hit Kendricks for 8 and got the first down when Seattle jumped offsides on second to the 37.

– After a 3-yard pass to Jackson, the 9-year veteran made a little history with a 14-yard burst up the middle to put him over 1,000 yards. It’s his 8th straight 1,000-yard season, making him only the sixth ever to reach that mark.

– Bradford to Givens for 37 to the Seahawks’ 4. Great drive so far, Rams need to finish.

– Jackson gained 2 to the Seahawks’ 2.

– On second down, Bradford looked left for Amendola but the pass was tipped and WR Austin Pettis caught it on the rebound for a touchdown.

– THe Rams jump ahead 7-3 with 6:03 to go.

– Seattle starts from its 20 and promptly gets a 19-yard run by Lynch.

– Wilson to Miller for 9 yards but Lynch dropped for a loss of 4 to make it third and 5 at the Seahawks’ 44.

– Turbin loses 7 on third down and the Rams get it back at their 30.

– Costly drop on a nice gain for Pettis on second down to make it third and 10 at the 29.

– Bradford just missed Amendola to force a punt. Disappointing possession for Rams there.

– Seahawks start from their 27 and picked up yards with some penalties.

– Long busted through for his second sack of the day and a loss of 9 back to Seattle’s 35 for second and 14.

– After an 11-yard scramble by Wilson, he dropped off a pass to Miller, who gained 2 and came up a yard short.

– Seattle punts it away with 1:17 to go.

– Rams take over at their 20.

– Bradford hits Jackson twice for 13 yards and Amendola twice for 13 more to the 46.

– A 21-yard strike to Gibson set up a field goal attempt for Zuerlein from 50 yards out.

– Zuerlein leaves it just wide right. Seattle kneels it at the 41 and Rams lead 7-3 at the half.

First Quarter

– Seattle won the toss and deferred. Rams get ball first.

– RB Steven Jackson could get his 10 yards out of the way right away here. Chance to reach 1,000 yards for 8th straight year, would be only sixth player in league history to do that.

– Rams start at their 20 after 25-yard return by WR Chris Givens.

– Jackson for 1 yard on first down.

– Bradford to TE Matt Mulligan for 10 and a first down.

– Jackson gains 2 to the 33. He’s 7 away.

– A false start penalty killed the drive as Bradford was hit and threw incomplete on third down.

– Seahawks take over at their 22.

– CB Trumaine Johnson starts for Cortland Finnegan again, Finnegan likely to play nickel again as he continues to recover from thigh injury.

– Seattle got rolling right away as QB Russell Wilson hit TE Zach Miller for 9 and Golden Tate for 30 to the Rams’ 41.

– On third and 4 at the 35, Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for 7 and a first down to the 28.

– On first down there, the Seahawks had a touchdown pass called back by a pick play and DE Chris Long got a sack for a loss of 7.

– Lynch picked up 15 to make it third and 12 at the 30.

– DE Williams Hayes picked up his 7th sack of the season to force a Seattle punt.

– Long’s sack was No. 9.5

– Big stop for the Rams there. They take over at their 11.

– An incompletion and a Jackson run netted nothing but Bradford hit Amendola, who made a terrific catch for what appeared to be a first down.

– But the spot had him a half inch short and the Rams challenged the spot.

– The Rams lost the challenge and had to punt.

– The Seahawks start from their 36.

– An 11-yard run by Lynch for a first down to the 47.

– Two plays get 8 to make it third and 2 at the Rams’ 45.

– Great scramble by Wilson for 3 and a first down.

– Sack by Dunbar for a loss of 8 back to midfield.

– Seahawks gain 11 on pass to RB Robert Turbin. They punt it away.

– Rams start from their 12.

– At the end of the first quarter, we are scoreless in Seattle.

Pregame Notes

– Greetings from CenturyLink Field where the Rams and Seahawks are preparing for today’s regular season finale.

– On the weather front, things appear to be holding steady with temperatures around 40 degrees and no rain expected.

– A lot on the line for the Seahawks here today as they could potentially win the NFC West Division with a victory and a loss from the 49ers against Arizona. That game won’t be decided until this one is happening so don’t expect Seattle to relent at all.

– While the Rams are out of the mix for the playoffs, they have plenty of motivation to win today. Here’s what they can achieve with a victory: a winning record (8-7-1), an undefeated division record (5-0-1), a streak of five wins in the final six games and four consecutive road wins.

– The Rams and Seahawks enter this game about as healthy as two teams can be going into the final week so not many surprises on the inactives today.

– For the Rams, the following are inactive: QB Austin Davis, RB Terrance Ganaway, WR Steve Smith, DT Matt Conrath, OT Joe Barksdale, LB Sammy Brown and TE Cory Harkey.

– For the Seahawks: CB Walter Thurmond, S Winston Guy, CB DeShawn Shead, LB Leroy Hill, G Rishaw Johnson, G John Moffitt and T Mike Person.

– Malcolm Smith starts for Hill at OLB.

– The Rams are wearing all white today.

– Stay tuned for updates throughout the game.

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