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Wrapping Up Seattle/2012

Posted by nickwagoner on December 31, 2012 – 9:05 PM

– Rams coach Jeff Fisher just spoke to the media for his final day after game news conference of the 2012 season only about an hour after addressing his team for the final time this year.

– The message was simple: be smart with your time off, learn from the season and come back ready to work in 2013.

– Fisher expressed that his team is fired up with optimism and enthusiasm for the 2013 season and seemed energized when asked how it was being back in the league after a one-year hiatus. Fisher said he “had a blast” and said he “can’t wait to get started again.”

– According to Fisher, the wrap up meeting was not easy, they never are but this one felt different for him. He focused on the big picture and from the sounds of it, his team bought into that focus. The Rams played the third toughest schedule in the league this year and had the best record in perhaps the best division in football. He said he was quite proud of the team for how it worked hard and focused in to win games throughout the season.

– Asked directlly if he believed his team is a playoff team in 2013, Fisher said that’s what they want, that’s the goal. He believed they could do it this year and though they came up just short, he believes the groundwork has been laid.

– One thing Fisher is especially looking forward to is the improvement of so many of his young players. He said players make the biggest jump from year one to year two and he sees big things for many of the talented rookies that played valuable snaps this year.

– Along with that, Fisher made it clear that the next 3.5 months will be very important for his team. So many young players will embark on some off time with money in their pocket for the first time. He reminded them that every decision they make in that time is one they are responsible for and need to be made wisely.

– The players all departed ContinuityX Training Center on Monday. Some will stick around and train here, some will leave and come back but all will be expected back for the offseason program in April.

– Before then, Fisher and his coaching staff will go through an exhaustive evaluation of the roster. Fisher said that won’t happen right away because he feels like a little time away creates chances for guys to take emotions out of the equation and come back with a more objective eye. The coaching staff will be off for two weeks starting at the end of this week.

– Asked about the trade with Washington and how it turned out for both teams, Fisher reminded the reporter that it’s not yet complete. The Rams still have two first round picks to make before that can even be discussed.

– Fisher said he felt like some early season inconsistency led to some losses in games they could have won and lamented that his team is now healthy at just the wrong time.

– One thing Fisher didn’t see from his young players was a “rookie wall.” Fisher proud of how the youngsters fought through any possible fatigue.

– Fisher mentioned that RB Isaiah Pead got some reps by design yesterday and he was pleased with what he saw. Pead has a little something to build from heading into next year now.

– On the topic of a defensive coordinator, Fisher said Gregg Williams has not been re-instated and the move to hire a D.C. will be addressed in the next couple of weeks. There are some moving parts at play but Fisher indicated that the Rams will be making a move in that regard at some point.

– On QB Sam Bradford, Fisher said the chance to have some continuity for a whole offseason with the same playbook and system will benefit Bradford. Likewise, he believes Bradford improved and got better as the season went along. He’s excited for Bradford’s progress.

– On the Rams finishing tied for first in sacks and first alone in sacks per pass play, Fisher was proud of the job done by DL coach Mike Waufle and noted that it was done by the whole group, not just the defensive line. I’ll have more on it later this week, but the Rams raised $52,000 ($1,000 per sack)¬†for the “Sack Homelessness” project in conjunction with the St. Patrick’s Center.

– Fisher again emphasized that he and the rest of the locker room would like RB Steven Jackson back, saying he’d like to see Jackson “finish up” in St. Louis.

– Fisher reflected a bit on the London trip and again said he enjoyed it save for the “3 hours of hell” that was the game against New England. He offered some tweaks he’d like to see in the game but had positive memories as a whole.

– As far as the free agent list, Fisher said he told the team he wants every single unrestricted free agent back. That’s probably not realistic or feasible but that’s how highly he thinks of guys like WR Danny Amendola, OL Rob Turner, DL William Hayes, etc.

– The Rams handed out their team awards on Monday. Jackson was named Most Valuable Player and got the Carl Ekern Spirit of the Game award as the team’s most inspirational player. Jackson was also named the team’s representative for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

– CB Janoris Jenkins won the Rookie of the Year award.

– One thing Fisher is looking forward to is a normal offseason. Last year, it was a whirlwind that included hiring a coaching staff and trying to blend scouting systems and he is excited about the opportunity to go into free agency with the belief that St. Louis is now a place where players will want to play.

– That said, Fisher said the building is ongoing. There’s a process that has to take place that Fisher believes will improve the overall talent on the roster and believes that improvement in all players will continue with a full offseason with this coaching staff.

– When asked if he believes the offense is the area most in need of upgrades, Fisher said it’s a huge deal. He wants more scoring, more third down conversions, etc. A lot of this offseason will be focused on improving the offense any way possible.

– Fisher was pleased with both the rookie class and the free agent class of last year and is looking forward to adding to the group.

– While free agency is a little ways away, Fisher said the team will do whatever it takes to improve and get where it wants to go in 2013.

– A couple of other quick notes from players, though I will have much more from a variety of guys the rest of the week:

Bradford said the ankle injury that plagued him last year is no longer bothering him. He said surgery is “not even a possibility.” He’s fired up at the mere thought of some coaching staff and system continuity.

Jackson again said he’d like to return and continues to make it clear where he stands on the matter. He said he’s given no thought to wearing another jersey. There is no timeframe in his mind of when he’d like to have a decision made though obviously it has to come relatively soon.

On stat to chew on: in 2011, the Rams allowed 55 sacks, ranking last in the league in the category. In 2012, they allowed 35 sacks, 14th in the league.

– I’ll have a lot more stuff coming this week with stories on Jackson, Bradford, C Scott Wells, rookies going out into the world, the Fisher Effect, the team taking the sacks title and so much more so please stay tuned for that.

– In the meantime, thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

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4 Responses to “Wrapping Up Seattle/2012”

  1. By nich4rams on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    As for the new Rams, Jeff Fisher and company. This team certainly made some strides. There at the last few games, it looked like things are certainly night and day from the previous 5 seasons. Here is my choices for up coming draft. First, the Rams need to trade their first pick to either Miami or Cincinnati, for more picks. At least one more in rd2 and maybe 1 more in rd 3. If, that can be done. Then I see a landslide, of a huge draft. Even if they traded both 1st rd picks for at least 3 more picks before the end of the 3rd rd. If not, I’d go after both, Barrett Jones(OG/OT/C). Plays any of 4 positions on offensive line, very smart active and talented. Then, Tyler Eifert TE (Notre Same). Then in 2rd: D.J. Fluker (ROT). Rd3: Marcus Hunt (DE). Rd4: Le ‘Veon Bell (RB) Rd5: Zeke Motta (FS/SS). Rd6: Diamion Stafford (SS/FS). Rd7: John Sullen (OG). There wasn’t any OLB or DT or WR addressed here. Because of how well the group is building for the Rams, I focused on the offensive line. Both the new guards and tackles will add talent and depth. Can’t pass on Margus Hunt he can spell either Long or Quinn. Rather have him than having to face him somewhere else. As far as Kyle Long. He could be passed for either Daniel McCullers (DT) or Brennan Williams (LOT). There are going to be many diamonds in the ruff after all the picks too.

  2. By nich4rams on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I’m thoroughly sold on Jeff Fishers run first mentality. If the Rams can add to the offensive line and a dependable TE, another big RB to run or block. Then Bradford, with another year with the same core of WR’s. Then he will have more time an outlet with Eifert as another weapon. Also, with 2 very good safeties and another powerful DE on the line to spell Long and Quinn. It is only going, to make the pressure needed to put all the QB’s in the leaque to get rid of the ball faster than they need to. Mr. Hunt will be a great addition. Plus Zeke Motta is going to keep the WR’s guessing. He can track the ball as good as any SS and bring a load to any WR’s or RB’s coming into his area. Plus, Diamion Stafford is a ball hawk.

  3. By nich4rams on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I’ve been researching these players for 4 months now. Thought over and over. It would be, the best thing for the Rams to trade both picks. Because, of the amount of coaching changes and each other teams needs. So Many teams are going to bid high again to get their player. Even at #16 and #22 at this point, can bring the right price. For teams to move up or even trade a player to garner that pick. Free agency, will be a whirlwind too. It’s going to be a wild off season. Like I said. For instance, Chicago, Carolina, Kansas City, Philadelphia, the Jets and even the Giants will be pondering how to get their player. If the Rams could just move those 2 1st Rd picks down a few spots and gain at least 2 more early rd picks. It could mean volumes to this young team. Jeff Fisher has put together a fine group of young talent and coaches. With let’s say 5 picks in the first 3 RDS. Or even 6 picks in the first 3 RDS. Then the sky is the limit for this team. The core ofWR’s on this team. With Chris Givens, BrBrandon, Quick, my man from Boise Pettis and Amendola all coming back healthy and another year together with Bradford and the same style and another year together. Will only become better dimensionally as well as congruently. The added depth for the offensive line with all of them coming back healthy and weeding out the weak links. Will be able to protect Bradford for the passing. But, also making the running game more stout. The added picks will allow another DT and another OLB to the defense. With my original picks. If not another LOT. So, if the Rams where really creative. They could give Miami one of 2014 1st rd picks for a total of 2 extra picks in 2nd rd and 4th rd. So, the Rams could realistically look to gain as much as 8 picks in first 4 RDS. Which would make for a great draft and adding WR in there as well. As 2 OLB and DT, LOT, ROT, RB, TE and WR in just the first 4 RDS. Then the 2 SS and FS and and extra OG. That would then make an already good team with the talent to make the playoffs next year and deep for the next 5 yrs.

  4. By mark jackson on Jan 22, 2013 | Reply

    Gettin rid of steven jackson——–rams get a guard in the first round you should get a runner back also to get right behind that guard trade steven jackson for a popular wide receiver. like a dez bryant or a braylon edwards draft another wide out in the 4th round there still should be some value .i have the best offseason gameplans ever.if the rams would do as i say they’ll pick up .steven jackson been with them rams for years an nothing is a siencetific thing run plays draw the defense closer pass plays open up .an why aint that goin on with the rams .if it was they’ll be winning like eli manning an the giants.i dont know if its true but i heard steven jackson is the highest paID runnerback in the league but we all know things are’nt working out with the rams everysince kurt warner left the rams fell apart .an it seems like the only threat the rams had was steven starting to think his run style is not made for the rams his run style would do better on a different team.

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