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Stanford TE Zach Ertz Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 21, 2013 – 9:07 PM


– The tight ends are starting to make their way through the media room and at the top of the list is Stanford’s Zach Ertz.

– Ertz is widely regarded as one of the top two tight ends in this year’s class though he’s got a reputation for being a better pass catcher than run blocker. He addressed questions about that as well as who he looks up to in the league and how he thinks he could fit in at the NFL level.

( On working out at the combine)

I’ll be doing everything. I think all the drills are equally important. I will approach each one with the same mentality and I want to be the best in all the drills. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but that’s something I have been striving for since the season was over and I’ve been training.

(On what he thinks he’ll run)

I trained really hard for the 40. I’d say I’ll run 4.6ish.

(On learning from former Stanford TE Coby Fleener, who was the first TE drafted last year)

He went through this whole process last year but he didn’t run here so it’s a little different situation. In terms of interviews and stuff and just kind of going through the process, he’s been very helpful.

(On seeing how TE’s are being used around the league right now)

I think seeing all those tight ends doing all those things they have been doing is very neat. You see Jimmy Graham out there against corners all the time and just seeing what he does is very impressive. It’s just something that I just hope I can do at the same level.

(On run blocking and pass catching)

I did both at Stanford. I won’t say that I didn’t do it at all. I had my hand in the dirt a lot. At Stanford, we were a run first team.

(On how he views his run blocking skills)

I take a lot of pride in my run blocking. It’s something I have worked on for these past four years and something I look forward to working on more.

(On stacking up as one of the best TE’s in the draft)

Tyler Eifert, Gavin Escobar, some of those guys are very good football players and I am just kind of looking forward to going against them in some of the drills.

(More on run blocking)

I think I can do both. At Stanford, the first thing was the power running game and I took a lot of pride in my run blocking. As a receiver, that stuff kind of came more naturally but I look forward to doing both.

(On the TE he looks up to most in the NFL)

I think Jason Witten is somebody that I have kind of looked toward the last couple years. He truly is a complete tight end, a very good run blocker, a very good pass catcher and I think that’s something I kind of try to emulate.

(On coming from a pro style offense)

I think it helps a lot. At Stanford, we had Coach Harbaugh my first three years there and he runs the same offense essentially for the Niners. I think that helps all the players coming out of Stanford.

– The Rams were pleased with how Lance Kendricks came along in his second year but that doesn’t mean they won’t look to add more weapons in the passing game, be it a receiver or a tight end. Ertz might be a bit repetitive with Kendricks but plenty of teams use multiple tight ends and they need more pass catching weapons.

– Ertz is expected to be a late first, early second round pick. It remains to be seen if he fits what the Rams want but he is worth monitoring as he goes through the workouts on Saturday.

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