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West Virginia WR Tavon Austin Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 22, 2013 – 5:30 PM


– Dynamic West Virginia WR/PR/KR/RB/Swiss Army Knife Tavon Austin just made his way through the media room. Austin is perhaps the most dangerous player in the draft with the ball in his hands and has drawn comparisons to Percy Harvin and Wes Welker, two players he looks up to.

– Austin is just 5’8, 174 pounds but he was one of the most electric players in the country in 2012.

– Here’s his thoughts on a variety of topics including what he hopes to run, his best 40 time and how he stacks up to the rest of the draft class.

(On what he hopes to prove with his workouts)

Two things I want to show. I want to show the scouts I am strong by benching the 225 and then the 40. Hopefully I clock a good time.

(On what he hopes to run in the 40-yard dash)

Anything under 4.4. With Tom Shaw, I think I clocked a 4.29.

(On whether he thinks his size can lead to injury)

No, it definitely shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t missed a game in eight years so I think my durability should be pretty good.

(On his versatility)

I think it will help me a lot. It’s one of my specialties. I really take pride in doing punt returning, kick returning. I think teams are looking for players who can do multiple things on the field and I think I’m that guy.

(On if he thinks he can play some RB in the NFL)

Definitely. I don’t think I could do it every play but hopefully I’ll get third down and a screen or a couple plays in the middle, I think I can get it done.

(On posting 572 all purpose yards against Oklahoma)

It was more exciting than anything. It was a big game against Oklahoma and it kind of reminded me of my high school days. I give all the love to my linemen and the coaches believing in me. That was the first game I played running back the whole year and I’m glad with how it went.

(On who he looks up to in the NFL)

I have got a couple of guys. Percy Harvin, he’s somewhat similar to me. Wes Welker, he played for the same college coach in Dana Holgorsen and he’s teaching me some of the things he’s doing so I’ve seen a lot of the film on these guys.

(On how many reps he hopes to do in the bench)

Last time, I did it three or four weeks ago, I did it 15 times so hopefully I can do that.

(On if he’s the fastest player in the draft)

Personally, I think if we all lined up across the line in a race, I think I would come out on top. But I’m not really the type of 40 guy, I’m a game type of guy so I think I would probably win.

(On if he worries about his size hurting his draft status)

I don’t really get tired of it. I just take it and put it on my back. I’ve been a little guy my whole life. I’m a little guy but I play big.

(On what makes him so tough to stop)

Just my vision and my quickness. I wish I was two more inches tall, but I’m not so I have got to use what I got so that’s my No. 1 thing.

(On becoming a running back anytime he touches the ball)

I’m a smart player. I played running back my whole life so I know when you should get down, when you should run out of bounds and when to lower my shoulder. I’ve always been a smart runner and when I do touch the ball I try to turn into a running back.

(On when he figured out he had the vision to play football)

I would say I have had vision since I was 7 years old. I have played this game for a long time and all the way through the high school level, I never scored less than 22 touchdowns. I am just glad I am here and I can show it.

(On if he’s the best all around player in the draft)

I think so. I think I am the all around best player in the draft.

– As far as the Rams are concerned, Austin would seem to be a nice weapon to add, if nothing else in the return game. But if they lose Danny Amendola to free agency, Austin would be a logical and cheaper alternative as a replacement. He’s an intriguing prospect expected to go late in the first round. If he does post big numbers in the 40 and bench, he could help himself a bit and perhaps rise even higher. It seems unlikely he’d fall to the Rams spot, No. 46, in the second round.

– Back with more in a bit. GM Les Snead and HC Jeff Fisher are coming soon to the podium.

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  1. By Thilo on Feb 23, 2013 | Reply

    Seems to be a rocket… I am a little concerned about his ego though… who wants to have Wallace-like guy trying to get 12M in his last Rookie-season… In the end Sneasher (Snead-Fisher as a team ;P ) will make the best decision!

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