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San Diego State TE Gavin Escobar Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 23, 2013 – 4:56 PM


– Gavin Escobar is trying to make the two big E’s, into a trio. While Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert and Stanford’s Zach Ertz are drawing most of the acclaim amongst tight ends, Escobar is widely regarded as the guy who is next in the pecking order. And the truth is, Escobar might actually have the most upside of them all.

– Escobar combines size, speed, athleticism and hands to be considered a dangerous pass catching tight end. He has a chance with strong workouts here to land in the top two rounds.

– Here’s what Escobar had to say during his time with the media.

About playing with hand on ground:

I’ve done a lot of that at San Diego State. They moved me around a lot. I’m fine with my hand in the dirt.   About what TEs position has become in the NFL:  The way they use tight ends these days is really translating with my body frame and abilities, being able to be a red zone target and threat, being able to create mismatches.

Why come out now:

Ultimately I was just really confident in my abilities t play at the next level … Over the few seasons I’ve been playing, I’ve been playing against guys in the NFL now.

Did he actually consider staying in school:

I definitely did. It’s hard leaving your teammates. Especially having a good season like we did … It was a great journey, a great experience. I’ll be an Aztec for life.  Said he talked with former SDSU QB Ryan Lindley (Arizona Cardinals) and linebacker Miles Burris (Oakland Raiders).

About his pass catching being rated way above his blocking:

I think some people look past my blocking ability because of my pass catching ability. It’ something I’m willing to do and I’m always working hard to get better at.

What working at getting better right now at IMG Academy:

(They’re) really helping us in the blocking game … footwork and hand placement.

Staying in Florida for a while?

I’ll be back in San Diego after the combine. I’m still enrolled in school. I’m enrolled in 12 units. I’m 19 units away from graduating.

So he’ll go back after next season and graduate:

I made a promise, and I would like to graduate too. My mom made sure that was a priority for me.  Major is Public Admin.

Feedback from teams at Combine:

The feedback I’ve been getting from most teams is they like my pass catching ability. They’re a little concerned with the run game. I’ve been trying to tell them I’m willing to do that and I’ve been working hard at that, and over time I can only improve.

Weight:  Last season weight between 245 and 250. Weighed 253 on Wednesday.

What WR did he emulate/learn from at SDSU:

The first year I was playing I was around guys like Vincent Brown and DeMarco Sampson. Vincent Brown is a great role model. He’s one of the hardest-working practice players I’ve ever been around

– The Rams certainly wouldn’t shy away from adding a play maker of Escobar’s caliber but the key will be finding the right value. Some think he’s a late second round pick or even an early three. But he’s got the chance to move up with a strong performance here today and convince teams he’s every bit the athlete and player Ertz and Eifert are.

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