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Florida DT Shariff Floyd Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 24, 2013 – 2:42 PM


– Florida DT Sharif Floyd is a rare football player who hasn’t always been a football fan. Floyd revealed that he never really watched football until he was getting ready to go to college.

– But that hasn’t stopped him from shaping up as one of this year’s best at the position, a true force in the middle of a defensive line capable of wrecking game plans.

– Floyd offered his thoughts on watching Disney Channel instead of football and where he stacks up in this class, amongst more.

6-2, 297

How do you feel about possibly being a top 5 pick?

My agent has been telling me about it but I haven’t really been focusing on it. I’ve been getting ready to put on a show here. I can’t wait to run actually. I’ve just been focusing on the task at hand and not let anything get me above where I am right now or below.

Could you give us a preview of what that show might be?

Just a show. No preview. No predictions.

What have your worked on to improve your draft status?

What I am really looking forward to doing is running my 40. I’ve been working on that, not for long, but I have been working on it. I’m just patiently waiting for Monday to come, going through the process and enjoying everything that they’re throwing at me.

What separates you from the other DL?

We all separate from each other because of how we carry ourselves and have different styles of play. We all have something different that we can bring to the table, so it’s kind of a lot more wide open that we think. It’s all up to the teams and what they need for their team.

So why should a team take you?

In my eyes I feel I’m a leader, I’m a dynamic player, I’m going to go out there and disrupt at my position and everything that’s needed for a defensive tackle and that they need for their I have.

Is it tough to be projected as a top 5 player?

It’s not really tough. It’s kind of like, you give me (that status) and I’m not giving it up. It’s that kind of a thing. Honestly, they feel I’m at the top and I’m trying not to lose that right now. If they’re talking about me, let’s keep them talking about me.

Is there a player in the league you pattern your game after?

I haven’t really watched the league in a long time. I first started watching it in 2007, but I did get to know Ndamukong Suh in 2010 so we have a good relationship and I’ve watched him play a couple of times.

How did you get to know Suh?

We were at the Maxwell Awards dinner. That was the year I won high school player of the year and he was there for college player of the year and we got a chance to sit down and talk a little bit off the field and bounce ideas and thoughts off each other. He’s actually exactly the same as I am off the field. I can’t speak for on the field yet. It was just normal conversation, two friends talking.

Who’s the best O-lineman you’ve faced?

Not so much on game day but Mike Pouncey. I think he’s playing center for the Miami Dolphins.

You really didn’t watch football until 2007?

The first game I ever watched was the Super Bowl when the Colts won it in 2007. It wasn’t that there was no interest, I just didn’t know nothing about it, so there was no reason to watch it. Even when I started playing there was no interest in watching it because I liked to play it instead of sitting down and being still and watching a game while all my friends were jumping around and getting excited for no reason. It just wasn’t a preference of mine, but now it is so I watch it and play it now.

What were you watching when you weren’t watching football?

Disney Channel.

What factored into your early decision to go pro early?

Before my season started I sat down with coach Muschamp and Dan Quinn and coach Muschamp said, if you’re going in the first round this year I’m kicking you out. So that took a chip off of my shoulder where I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to do after this season and it allowed me to focus on my team. And at the end of the year, after the Sugar Bowl, Coach came in and shook my hand and said congratulations, now go make your name known in the league. And that was him telling me to get out of Florida. So I shook his hand, shook all the coaches hands, talked a little bit and he said if I ever needed anything, give him a call.

What Disney shows did you watch?

I am not an iCarly guy. That’s so Raven, I was watching that when I was young. And Cartoon Network – the Looney Tunes.

On competing in drills with other DL

I feel when I get on the field it’s competing. We didn’t come here to be on the field and be friends. We’re all competing for the same job and it’s a job interview. So what would you do if it was me and you and we were best friends and they said only one of us can get it? We’d compete and at the end of the day, if I get it I’m going to shake your hand and if you get it you’re going to shake my hand and that’s not going to stop our friendship or whatever it is we build along the way so we all know what it is and what it’s going to be. It’s just a matter of how some are going to take it.

Do you feel like the NCAA handled your suspension fairly?

It’s not a fairness thing anymore. Things happen. I sat down with my coaches and they fought for me as best they could so there’s no bad blood between us for that. We got it reduced to two instead of four so we just dealt with it. There wasn’t a grudge or anything. We were just waiting to get back on the field and that’s what we did.

What the difference between playing inside and outside on the DL?

Inside is much closer to the ball and to running plays that are going toward you or away from you and it’s much easier to disrupt plays that are going away. Outside, you have to be a little more patient in some situations. The ball can run away from you and you have to chase it down from behind. But still they both get their fair share of disruption and sacks and things of that nature, so there’s a different mindset at the two positions but you get more contact at the three technique and I needed to get down there where it was noisy.

– Floyd is regarded as a top 10, possibly top 5 pick. If he somehow fell to the Rams, he’d be tough to pass on but that seems awfully unlikely.

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