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LSU DE/LB Barkevious Mingo Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 24, 2013 – 3:18 PM


– Maybe no players are having more fun here this week than the LSU contingent. After all, there are 13 of ’em here and they all seem to have some positive buzz heading toward the draft. Topping that list is ultra athletic but raw DE/LB Barkevious Mingo.

– Mingo and DE Sam Montgomery are in competition with just about everything and Montgomery didn’t hesitate to interfere with his press conference and have a little fun.

– Here’s the transcript of that conversation and more:

6-4, 241 pounds

(On bets with Sam Montgomery) We’ve had quite a few bets in our career. I think our first one was the first sack for the season. He was supposed to wash my car because I won, and he hasn’t done that. Then, we have most sacks in the season and on down the line.   Bet on who gets drafted first That’s the latest one. I’m pretty confident in myself. He’s gonna have to come with that one, and I get a car wash.

Playing as a 3-4 LB

I think so. A lot of coaches have been talking to me about both positions. I feel comfortable playing either.

On playing against mobile Qbs

We play a lot more quarterbacks that can use their feet as well as their arms. We’re asked to keep them in the pocket and not let them loose and us lose contain and let them have big runs. Numerous times, a guy won the Heisman (Johnny Manzell) because people would lose contain. Our focus when we played those guys was to keep them in the pocket and collapse it and just put a little pressure on them that way instead of taking shots at them.

Advantage of having defended mobile QB

I think it gives us a great advantage. Having played against guys like Johnny Manzell and Keith Price, they’re unpredictable and playing against that in a game is valuable. You can’t practice playing with a mobile quarterback, and it’s gonna translate to the next level.   Were his numbers better in 2011 I don’t know about overall stats. I know I had more sacks last year. Like I said, we kind of contain rushed a lot of teams to not let them get outside the pocket. It kind of took away from what we wanted to do, but it helped the team and helped us win.

Comparison to Bruce Irvin

Honestly, I’ve never watched him play. I think when we played them when he was at West Virginia, he was a safety. So I really can’t answer that question

Play more up or down at LSU

Down. We dropped several times a game, were still up sometimes. It’s all football.

How about against the run

We all did that too. It’s football.

Pass coverage? We covered backs, we covered tight ends. We did it all.

What separates him from other ends in draft (asked by Montgomery)

I think my speed separates me from every other guy in this draft. I’m a fast guy and I’ve got a quick first step and I like getting to the quarterback.

Will he do everything at combine

I’m gonna do all the drills,the 40 and all that kind of stuff.

History behind first name My mom just kind of threw it together and wrote it on the birth certificate.

Brother named Hughtavius

Yes, sir.

Too light to play end?

That’s been brought up. My main focus in the off-season is to put on weight. I put on 15 pounds and I’m still as quick as I ever was. Still the same first step, and I think I can add more, so it’s not an issue. I don’t think it will be a problem.

Fact that 13 LSU guys are at combine

Not only does (Les Miles) do a great job recruiting, he also does a good job developing his players and also bringing in coaches that help us grow as athletes. The staff at LSU was second to none and they all got us ready to play.

On gaining weight (asked by Montgomery) Maintaining my speed and gaining weight are the goals that I have.   Any questions for Montgomery Why are you here. Go home. Go eat.


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