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Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson Speaks

Posted by nickwagoner on February 24, 2013 – 3:40 PM


– Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson is regarded as the top wideout in this year’s draft class. But he’s only got one year of major college experience and he was used on a lot of short and intermediate stuff where he got the ball in his hands quickly. Still, he is very confident his skills can translate to the next level.

– Here’s how he views his long term potential and more.

(talk about your path to the Combine)

It was a good path, man. I had to go to junior college and ended up at Tennessee. I wouldn’t change it for nothing. Everyplace I went, I enjoyed every second of it.

(Was the JC stop difficult?)

Oh, yeah, there were a lot of times I doubted because I had to leave high school and go all the way to Hutchinson in Kansas. I would call my mom every day and ask her if she still thought I needed to do this and she said, ‘Yeah, it’s been your dream for a long time so just make sure you stick with it.’

(the season)

I wanted to go in and try to be the best at my position and hope my dream would come true and be in the NFL.

(can you help yourself, like we’d like to help ourselves to water after 3 p.m.)

Go in Saturday and Sunday and give it my best and make sure I do everything right so teams can look at me and say good things about myself.

(do you need a big week here?)

I know I can help myself a lot. I know what I can do. I’m going to go in and just give it my all.

(pattern yourself after any receiver?)

Yeah, Julio Jones.

(people say you’re a one-year wonder)

I didn’t expect to be a one-year-and-done but we had the coaching change and everything was getting a little crazy, so I wanted to get out of there.

(What are your three biggest strengths?)

Speed, catching and scoring.

(are those important?) The things I did in college, I expect to come in as a rookie and be a good rookie and be a Pro Bowler.

(What do you think about the perception that you’re a raw prospect?)

I don’t listen to anything anyone says about my ability. God gave it to me and I go out every day and practice hard at practice, and in the games I expect big things out of myself.

(did you dream the impossible dream about going JUCO to No. 1 WR)

I really didn’t even think like that. There’s rumors coming around that I can be and I hope this weekend I can show that I can be that No. 1 receiver.

(what do you want to work on?)

My route-running and learning coverages, just getting better at that.

(did you think you could dominate at Tennessee?)

I didn’t, because when I went to Tennessee, I didn’t even think I was going to be a starter. But then I went in and some things happened at Tennessee and people started expecting big things from me, so I had to fill that role.

(are you top 10, top 20?)

I say I’m a top-15 pick but I can’t control what coaches think and they’re the ones that make the decisions. If they see me in the top 15, top 10, then I respect that because I think I am.

– Obviously, the Rams would like more help at wide receiver but it seems Patterson is the guy most likely to be out of their reach. Given his size and speed combination and return ability, he’d be a natural fit though he is a bit raw.

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