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Rams Thank Jackson as He Heads to Atlanta

Posted by nickwagoner on March 14, 2013 – 10:09 PM

– While free agency can be a fun exercise as teams tweak and alter their roster with new players, it can also be downright gut wrenching sometimes. That’s just the nature of the beast.

– On Thursday afternoon, only a couple of hours after the elation that came with TE Jared Cook’s introductory news conference, the Rams and their fans found themselves on the other side of the coin as RB Steven Jackson agreed to a three-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons.

– Rams owner and chairman Stan Kroenke issues the following statement Thursday afternoon thanking Jackson for all that he gave to the organization and the city:

“For nearly a decade, Steven Jackson served as an inspiration for his St. Louis Rams teammates and our fans as he became our franchise’s all-time leading rusher. Off the field, his generosity and unselfishness improved the lives of many families in the St. Louis community. We will always be thankful for his contributions to our team and region and wish him success moving forward.”

– By now, it should come as no surprise that Jackson is leaving and really not even much of a shock that he’s headed to become a Falcon. Once Jackson opted out of his contract, it pretty much became clear he would look for a different opportunity, the kind of opportunity that would allow him to remain the focal point of his new team’s running game while also having a legitimate shot to win a Super Bowl.

– At this point in his career and in the Rams’ development, he apparently believed neither of those things seemed to be available in St. Louis (at least not as much as in Atlanta) as the Rams look to get younger and more explosive on offense with the likes of backs Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson and receivers like Chris Givens and Brian Quick.

– Sure, the Rams would have loved to keep Jackson and allow him to finish his career here. Likewise, Jackson would have liked to be the rare player to play his entire career in one place. But it simply wasn’t in the cards. Both sides expressed nothing but respect for each other during the lead up to today’s news and it’s probably a safe bet that Jackson will one day return to St. Louis to retire a Ram like Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt – two of Jackson’s most influential mentors in the game – have done.

– Jackson still has good football left him though he will turn 30 before this season begins. Most believe that running backs who turn 30 fall off the cliff soon after doing so. In many cases that’s been true. Of course, most running backs aren’t Steven Jackson, either. In Atlanta, he will finally have the freedom that goes with having seven defenders in the box to stop the run because of the presence of receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones. In other words, he has a chance to get to 1,000 rushing yards for the ninth consecutive season.

– As he leaves the Rams, there’s no doubt about the indelible mark Jackson left on the team’s record book.

Here’s a short breakdown of just a handful of Jackson’s accomplishments:

Rushing yards: 10,135

Rushing Touchdowns (T-2nd): 56

100-yard rushing games (2nd): 33

Scrimmage Yards (2nd): 13,459

All Purpose Yards: 13,538

Receptions (5th): 407

– For as impressive as those numbers are, they don’t really quite do justice to what Jackson did in his time in St. Louis. He is one of the last of a dying breed, a true workhorse running back in a world of two and three-back systems. He could run, catch passes and block with equal aplomb. He worked hard to make himself into a pass protector and he became a very good one in his time here, to the point that a photo of his blitz pickup at San Francisco last year hangs in the office of GM Les Snead.

– Beyond the football field, Jackson was a major contributor in the community. He grew up in St. Louis in so many ways. A tumultuous start by a young and, by his own admission, immature Jackson grew first into a respect between he and the St. Louis fans. From there, as Jackson grew so too did his relationship with the fans and the community. Out of that respect grew admiration and, eventually, love. It’s why today as Jackson departs for a new opportunity, most everyone wishes him nothing but the best.

– Good luck, Steven, and thanks for everything.

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22 Responses to “Rams Thank Jackson as He Heads to Atlanta”

  1. By Michael on Mar 14, 2013 | Reply

    It’s a sad day for rams fans

  2. By Derrick on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    I wish Steven the best in Atlanta. He deserves the chance at a ring, that’s something I don’t think we can give him before he is forced to call it quits. It isn’t all bad, we get to pocket some major cash by letting him go and our young backs will get an opportunity to prove themselves. Its whats best for both sides.

  3. By e.j.jackson on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    So long SJ39.You will be missed as a great player and greater person.See you in a few years brother.

  4. By Hector Villasenor on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    A true Rams legend has departed leaving big shoes to fill. Please tell us fans that a suitable plan is in the works to replace our all-time leading rusher. Mr. Jackson you will be missed.

  5. By peter boehm on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    hey great for S. Jack, good luck too bad the RAMS may meet the Falcons in the play offs and eliminate them. With all the attention going to the current favorite NFC teams, our mighty Rams have the NFC west right where we want them, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in Coach Fisher and his staff that we are definitly moving in the right direction. S. Jackson will be remembered

  6. By Don Moore on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    I am confused with the the moves or lack there of the organization is making in this free agency. I do trust Coach Fisher has a plan but I sure dont know what it is! Thank you Steven Jackson for hanging in as long as you did. you deserve a Superbowl ring if anybody ever did. You are definately going to the HOF.


    Don Moore

  7. By DeAndre Harris-Bey on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    Class act. Met Steve at a concert a couple years back att he Savis Center. Down to earth humble person.Congratultions on your career. i will be there to see you retireas a Ram on day. Best wishes for a Superbowl Ring and induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

  8. By Jerry Guevara on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    Boy, You’ve been the only bright spot for these years as a Ram!

    Thank you!

  9. By thomas howard on Mar 17, 2013 | Reply

    thanks jack from your # 1 fan its a sad day for me good luck 39

  10. By Kevin Lowell on Mar 17, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks Jax for the eight years hate to see you go. Good luck in Atlanta. Just not against use!!!

  11. By chad bachman on Mar 18, 2013 | Reply

    Thank you SJ for all you gave the rams. As a longtime Ram fan it saddens me to see you go. YOU have been paroled, congratulations, and best of luck in the upcoming season. Wish you much success and a ring.

  12. By Karen Bowen on Mar 18, 2013 | Reply

    I remember when he started his career, Steven was brash and overconfident. He then changed dramatically before our eyes as he first allowed Marshall Faulk to mentor him in the ways of how to conduct yourself as a Rams running back, on and off the field. And then he matured after Marshall’s retirement into the leader of the Rams through some very bad times. He never berated his teammates or the fans or the media. He just always wanted to get better as a player and most importantly as a team. Thank you SJ39! I can’t wait for your retirement party on the 50 yard line of a future Rams game that I will be attending!

  13. By Sean on Mar 18, 2013 | Reply

    Thank You Mr. Jackson,

    I’ve been a Ram Fan For 40 years. Thanks for always giving your all and leaving it on the field. Your attitude, toughness and passion are truly appreciated .

  14. By N Hughes on Mar 19, 2013 | Reply

    Steven, you will be missed. You, Marshall, and Eric were thrills to watch over the past 40 years for me. Good luck in Atlanta. Stay healthy!

  15. By Tim on Mar 19, 2013 | Reply

    The rams lost a very key piece to the puzzle. I wish he could have stayed with the team because I love to watch this guy run the ball. He really is the last of a dying breed of workhorse runningbacks. Show everyone 30 yr old backs can still dominate, just like you always have. GO RAMS!!

  16. By Glenn on Mar 19, 2013 | Reply

    Mr. Jackson, my wife has always known the only football jersey I would ever want to have, own and wear is Walter Peyton’s #34 (and I am not a Bears fan), I now add the Rams #39 to my list. I have observed and admired the character and class with which you have represented the team and yourself during your career with a poorly managed sports franchise. Needless to say we wish you the best with the remainder of your career, and in all you pursue after your playing life. Hope to see as an analyst in the broadcast both.

  17. By LEE H. on Mar 19, 2013 | Reply

    i have watched steven jackson run his heart out ,for the last few years, at one point he was the offense. he will be missed. good luck mr. jackson (#39). p.s. ( not if ,and or when we play atlanta.

  18. By Jason P on Mar 20, 2013 | Reply

    I wish you well in your season as a falcon Steven, you will be missed. As my favorite player on the Rams it is also a sad day. Hopefully you get that ring you want in Atlanta.

  19. By ASSANTE on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply


  20. By Ira Vaughn on Apr 11, 2013 | Reply

    You will be missed as a Ram, but I do wish you a shot at a super bowl. I expect to see your name in the ring of honor someday. Thank you for all your hardwork.

  21. By GOERGE BARRAGAMO on Apr 12, 2013 | Reply

    Espero encuentren otro mejor o de igual calidad, de nada sirve tener un HC nuevo si no hay jugadores.

  22. By Richard Boandl on Apr 13, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for hanging in there all these years! I often wondered how great of a back that you would have been with a better offensive line. Wish nothing but the best for you in Atlanta. Hopefully you will get the championship you so much deserve.

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