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NFL Draft: Running Blog – Day Two

Posted by nickwagoner on April 26, 2013 – 10:25 PM

– Greetings from ContinuityX Training Center where we are preparing for day two of the NFL Draft. We’ll do rounds two and three tonight.

– Don’t expect as much action tonight from the Rams as they only hold picks No. 71 and 92 tonight, both third round choices.

– It doesn’t seem as though they are inclined to move up for a second rounder but if we’ve learned anything in the year plus of the Fisher/Snead regime it’s that they aren’t afraid to make moves so we can’t rule anything out at this point.

– Jacksonville will kick us off here shortly with the first pick tonight. I’m expecting many receivers, quarterbacks and cornerbacks in this second round.

– The Jags go with the best safety on the board, Johnathan Cyprien of Florida International. Nice pickup at the top of the second round for Jacksonville. Must believe they can still get a quarterback they like later on.

– The 49ers are on the clock.

– Strike, that Tennessee is on the clock. Niners start grabbing picks for next year in a trade.

– Rumor has it Titans looking for a local receiver.

– Indeed, Tennessee goes with impressive physical specimen at WR Justin Hunter of Tennessee. Nice pick for them in this spot and a nice complement for Kendall Wright.

– Wonder if that means end of Kenny Britt in Tennessee?

– Philadelphia is up next. They could go any number of ways. Will this be a QB?

– Guess not. Eagles opt for Stanford TE Zach Ertz. Another pick to bolster the offense in Philly.

– Detroit is now up. Lots of good corners there for them. Menelik Watson would also make a lot of sense.

– Lions go corner: Mississippi State’s Darius Slay goes. A little surprised he goes before Johnthan Banks but you have to think not having that extra “A” in his name hurt his stock a bit.

– Bengals are up. Many think this will be an RB, perhaps Eddie Lacy. But indications are that it’s going to be a surprise pick that is an RB but isn’t Lacy.

– San Diego has moved up to Arizona’s spot. Interesting here. Wonder which way they are leaning?

– The Chargers end the Manti Te’o watch and grab the ILB. He makes sense for the scheme. Te’o and Fluker a decent start for the Chargers. Te’o will probably enjoy being back in the nice weather. And though I am clearly not above stupid humor (see the Banks joke earlier), I’m gonna pass on any Te’o jokes here. Let’s keep it classy, Rams fans.

– Bengals have agreed to a long term contract with OT Andre Smith.

– Jets are on the clock.

– And there it is: West Virginia QB Geno Smith goes to the Jets. Mark Sanchez’s days may be numbered.

– Niners on the clock. Have to think they’ll go with a D-lineman here.

– It’s Tank Carradine for San Francisco. Nice pickup for them.

– Buffalo now on the clock. A receiver or an offensive lineman makes sense for them. Good wideouts still out there. I expect many more of them to go here shortly.

– It’s USC WR Robert Woods for the Bills. Another really nice pickup. Keenan Allen’s tumble continues.

– The Dolphins have traded WR Davone Bess to the Browns. Solid slot receiver to Cleveland. Miami out of room with Brandon Gibson, Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline in the mix.

– Oakland is up next. I’m not even going to bother to guess what the Raiders are going to do. D-line would make sense.

– The Raiders take my guy, Florida State OT Menelik Watson. Really nice get for them at this stage in the draft. His upside is off the charts.

– Tampa is up next. They need some offensive help but the value seems to lie on the defensive side of the ball right now.

– And Banks goes to Tampa. Good player, good size. Rams liked him, despite the missing A in his name. A bit surprised the Bucs added another corner, though.

– Next up is Carolina. They could use a play maker. Keenan Allen would make some sense?

– Guess not, doubling down at DT. Panthers just really bolstered the D-line with Purdue’s Kawann Short to go with first-rounder Star Lotulelei.

– Arizona is up next. Quarterback for them, perhaps?

– Cardinals add a nice piece to their defense. LSU ILB Kevin Minter was one of my favorite inside ‘backers in this draft. Nice get for them.

– Buffalo up now, they need linebacker help. Arthur Brown is still out there. Let’s see where they go.

– Bills do go with an LB. It’s Oregon’s Kiko Alonso.

– Dallas goes with San Diego State’s TE Gavin Escobar. I guess I don’t really understand the strategy.

– Pittsburgh is up. They could go running back. Is this where Lacy goes? Some really good players still available in this draft.

– Wow. An RB to the Steelers but it’s actually Michigan State’s Le’veon Bell not Lacy. Curious to see where Lacy eventually lands. Was told one concern with Lacy is that he gets nicked up a bit too often.

– Giants up next.

– No surprise here, the Giants take a defensive lineman, this time it’s Ohio State DT Johnathan Hankins. Congrats to them on a nice pick and on getting a Johnathan that spells his name the proper way.

– All in good fun. I have nothing against Johnthan Banks. Good player.

– Chicago is up next.

– The Bears go with Florida ILB Jonathan Bostic. Brown continues to drop.

– Washington is up next.

– Redskins needed help in the secondary and they get it. North Carolina State CB David Amerson goes there. Interesting choice. Amerson was once considered a top pick. But he had a rough year in 2012.

– New England back on the clock with one of the picks acquired from Minnesota last night.

– Bess signs extension with Browns.

– Patriots go with LB Jamie Collins. Great athlete. Killed it at the combine.

– The Bengals are back on the clock.

– Cincy goes with SMU DE Margus Hunt. One of the most intriguing prospects in the draft. Mountain of a man. Interesting fit in their scheme, though. He strikes me more as a 5-technique type.

– Miami picking again here.

– Told that there are medical concerns with Lacy and that’s why he is falling.

– Boise State CB Jamar Taylor goes to the Dolphins. Solid pickup.

– Niners make a deal with Green Bay to move up.

– Quick break. Back in a bit.

– OK, we are back. Some players who could have been of interest for the Rams off the board: CB Robert Alford, RB Montee Ball and S D.J Swearinger.

– Still a lot available as we head to the third round in terms of safeties, offensive linemen and running backs.

– Where will Lacy’s drop end?

– And there it is. Lacy to Green Bay. Not sure the extent of whatever medical issues he had but if it’s not too serious, that’s a nice value and a good fit.

– Seattle is up next.

– Seahawks opt for RB Christine Michael from Texas A&M.

– What a run on running backs there near end of the second.

– So now we head to the third. Here’s a quick rundown on what is left:

Safety: Shamarko Thomas, Phillip Thomas, J.J. Wilcox and more.
Guard: Larry Warford
RB: Johnathan Franklin, Marcus Lattimore, Mike Gillislee

– Let’s see how it plays out.

– Chiefs go with Cincy TE Travis Kelce to start off the third round. We are eight picks away from the Rams.

– Jacksonville up next.

– The Jags go with CB Dwayne Gratz from UConn.

– The Lions are up and they just got a mauler for their O-line. It’s UK guard Larry Warford. That’s a really nice pick for them.

– Oakland is up next.

– The Raiders go with UConn LB Sio Moore.

– Philadelphia is on the board next. Could they finally go with a QB here?

– Sorry, not Logan Ryan. It’s LSU DT Bennie Logan.

– Cleveland is up.

– The Browns go with CB Leon McFadden.

– CBs flying off the board. But Rams still have their pick of safeties should they want it.

– Rams are two picks away.

– Sorry, not trying to tip picks. I’ll wait until they show on TV before updating blog. Getting ahead of myself. Apologies.

– Arizona is up next.

– Wow, Cardinals go for it and grab LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu. They took the risk. We’ll see how it goes. No question about his talent, though.

– Tennessee is up. They go with CB Blidi-Wreh-Wilson.

– Rams get their safety. They go with USC FS T.J. McDonald.

– McDonald is the son of former 49ers DB Tim McDonald. 

– McDonald started 36 games for the Trojans. He has the versatility to play either safety spot and finished 2012 with 122 tackles, two interceptions and a sack. He had eight interceptions in his career.

– Coach Jeff Fisher takes a safety from USC. Not a shock there. McDonald likely projects as more of a big, powerful box safety rather than a cover guy at free safety. We’ll hear how the Rams view him in a bit.

– The Jets get an offensive lineman in Brian Winters. Solid addition for their interior.

– Tampa Bay goes with the first QB of the third round. It’s….NC State’s Mike Glennon.

– Dallas is up next.

– The Cowboys grabbed Baylor WR Terrance Williams.

– New Orleans up next and they go with a local product, OT Terron Armstead. The Arkansas Pine-Bluff product is from nearby Cahokia (Ill.) .

-San Diego is up next.

– Chargers end the fall for Cal WR Keenan Allen. Injury issues and more pushed him down. But could be a nice pickup if he’s healthy.

– Going to sign off for a bit. I’ll be back when the Rams get closer to being on the clock again. Lots of ways they can go with their other pick here.

– Rams are coming up soon. Indianapolis is up at 86. Rams set to go at 92.

– Some names to consider: Franklin, Lattimore, B. Jones, perhaps another safety, maybe a center field type like P. Thomas or Rambo. So many ways they can go. BPA makes a lot of sense here.

– OK. San Francisco is up at No. 88 after another trade. Lots of moving by the Niners. Not a surprise.

– Niners go with pass rusher Corey Lemonier. Another weapon for their defense.

– Rams are three away. Honestly, no real guess here. Just so many ways they can go.

– The Texans go with monster O tackle Brennan Williams.

– That makes me think, there are still some monster Williamses left, especially at DT. Brandon and Jesse.

– Rams are two picks away. Denver and New England up next.

– Broncos go with CB Kayvon Webster.

– Reminder: at this point in the draft, every board looks quite different. No such thing as a reach or a steal. It’s all about how individual teams view players.

– New England up next.

– The Patriots go with S Duron Harmon.

– Rams back up. They could go RB, WR, OG, another safety even. Lots of options.

– Rams double down on wide receiver, adding another West Virginia WR in Stedman Bailey.

– Doubled down on wideouts for the second consecutive year, but this time both Mountaineers. Bailey had some ridiculous numbers last year for the Mountaineers, and in his career really. He posted an insane 25 touchdown catches last year to go with 114 catches and 1622 yards.

– For his career, Bailey had 210 catches for 3,218 yards and 41 scores.

– Miami moves up for talented Utah State CB Will Davis.

– We are four picks away from the end of the third round and the evening.

– But alas, I must head to the conference call with Mr. Bailey so that will do it for this blog tonight. We’ll have more on McDonald and Bailey later. Thanks for following along. Back at it again tomorrow.

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  1. By jordan on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    lets trade up and get lacey

  2. By Sunset Daily on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks again nick….fun….

  3. By Sunset Daily on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    Oh and PS..i agree with the above…lets get lacey….

  4. By Ariel on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    Really hoping we end up with Montee Ball!

  5. By jordan on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    and all the rams fans thank bengals for passing on Lacey

  6. By Sunset Daily on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    Wasnt his fake girlfrend from SD..i am serious… i think she was…lol…dont hold me to t but it was long distance…

  7. By jordan on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    smith to the jets would be great

  8. By jordan on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    jets must love the media coverage. they are again become the most watched and covered team in the preseason.

  9. By Derrick on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    Nick, the Bengals draft pick is missing. Also, thanks for the blog.

  10. By jordan on Apr 26, 2013 | Reply

    lacey falls again

  11. By Jeremy Waters on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Marcus Lattimore is worth the risk. He has had some injuries, but with Pead & Richardson as insurance, Lattimore lives up to his college greatness, he would be a total steal!

  12. By jordan on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    could see lattimore to rams in 4th

  13. By Derrick on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    I’d say I’m disappointed about Lacy getting picked, but that would be a lie. Now we can focus on what we actually need, a safety (or two).

  14. By jordan on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    would love to see thomas and warford pick in the 3rd round

  15. By stevens7777 on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    anyone know where we can find details of these trades?

  16. By Sunset Daily on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    He (Nick) is giving us the pix before it shows on the NFL Draft board and on the TV…

  17. By Sunset Daily on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Oh wait..maybe not…sorry….he wrote wrong name..sorry….

  18. By Sunset Daily on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    NO…No dont stop doing what you are doing..please…I did not mean it that way…And, I thought it was cool..please…I ent to delete here and you cant…I have you pinged over to sunset daily…its great..please..thanks….do not hold back…besides..i had no clue you read this in real time…

  19. By Sunset Daily on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Welp…66.5 rating for what that is worth..i think that could be lowest score on board…is that vaccaro guy gone? I forget…

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