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NFL Draft: Running Blog – Day Three

Posted by nickwagoner on April 27, 2013 – 3:42 PM

– Greetings once again from the ContinuityX Training Center. We are preparing for the third and final day to get underway here shortly. Rounds four through seven take place today with plenty of good players still available.

– Leading off today will be Jacksonville.

– Kicking this thing off with a trade. Philadelphia leading off now. Have to think this is for a QB.

– The Eagles do indeed go QB. They end the long nightmare for USC QB Matt Barkley.

– Kansas City is now on the clock. The Chiefs actually seemed like a good fit for Barkley. But they can go any number of ways.

– Chiefs make their pick. It’s Alabama LB Nico Johnson. Tough, smart player. Was impressed with him at the Senior Bowl. Makes a lot of sense for Kansas City.

– Oakland up next.

– Tampa Bay traded up as well. They go with DT Akeem Spence from Illinois.

– Jacksonville up next.

– The Jaguars get a returner with some dynamic ability in Ace Sanders. Nice pick for them. Rams had interest there but obviously that interest waned after added Tavon Austin.

– Patriots go with TCU WR Josh Boyce.

– Arizona goes with DE Alex Okafor. Many thought he’d be a possible second rounder so maybe a good value there.

– Miami up next.

– Dolphins go with LB Jelani Jenkins of Florida.

– Buffalo goes with Nevada S Duke Williams.

– Brian Schwenke to Tennessee is a nice pick. Really solid Senior Bowl. Tennessee really loading up to run the ball again with Chris Johnson. Sign Levitre and draft Warmack and Schwenke, solid.

– Carolina drafted a big guard from Valdosta State. I can’t spell his name.

– Green Bay grabs David Bakhtiari.

– Interesting move here as the Giants move up for Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib. Lots of New York love going on with the Giants and the Cuse.

– Pittsburgh is up. Rams are two picks away.

– The Steelers make a very Steelers pick and grab Syracuse S Shamarko Thomas. Athletic, physical player who paid a pre-draft visit to St. Louis.

– Oakland is on the clock.

– The Raiders just took Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson.

– Rams are on the clock.

– The Rams find an intelligent, instinctual replacement for Robert Turner with Alabama’s Barrett Jones. Jones played all over the line for the Crimson Tide and is a nice addition at this point in the draft. He’s not the most athletic or the strongest anchor around but he finds ways to get it done. Expect him to step in as an interior swing man along the lines of the role Turner filled last year.

– Tavon Austin just stopped by the office. #HumbleBrag Some more picks went off the board.

– Thoughts on Jones?

– Bears go with Rutgers LB Khaseem Greene. Nice value for them there and a good scheme fit in Chicago.

– Just got off conference call with Barrett Jones. Impressive young man with a degree and a masters in accounting. He says he’s most comfortable at center. Will have plenty more on him later on.

– A lot of interesting picks here recently. Phillip Thomas off the board and some of the top remaining DEs available.

– Packers have doubled down at RB by grabbing UCLA’s Johnathan Franklin. Nice to pair with Eddie Lacy for them. Given Green Bay’s 10 picks today, they can do just about whatever we want.

– And San Francisco makes the inevitable pick we all expected them to make: Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina. Risk involved sure but very talented player. If he can stay healthy, it’s a potentially great long term selection.

– Detroit with a nice value in South Carolina DE Devin Taylor.

– Kansas City makes a nice pick with Sanders Commings from Georgia. Liked his versatility.

– Jacksonville takes Michigan’s Denard Robinson. Interesting choice. Tough kid.

– Seattle moves up to add to its depth at DT with Alabama’s Jesse Williams. Williams slipped because of knee issues. Good get for them.

– Seahawks again, go with CB Tharold Simon of LSU.

– Rams almost back on the clock. Still some options at a variety of positions. BPA most likely.

– The Rams get some depth at cornerback with Miami’s Brandon McGee. Needed depth at that position with few bodies on the roster.

– Rams have two picks in the sixth to cap their day coming later. Going on a hiatus until later to do conference call with him.

– Keep an eye out for some activity here shortly.

– The Rams have put a bow on their draft class by making a move back into the fifth round. They cut a deal with Houston to get back and get their running back.

– The target? Vanderbilt RB Zac Stacy.

– Stacy is 5’9, 210 pounds with a physical style that allowed him to rush for 1,1141 yards and 10 touchdowns last year for the Commodores.

– Much more to come in a little bit on Stacy but barring something shocking, it appears the Rams have completed their 2013 draft class. Waiting on final details of the trade.

– The current haul: WR Tavon Austin, LB Alec Ogletree, S T.J. McDonald, WR Stedman Bailey, OL Barrett Jones, CB Brandon McGee and RB Zac Stacy.

– That is also the final haul as the Rams gave up both sixth round picks in exchange for Houston’s fifth.

– It’s unlikely they’d trade a pick next year to get back into this draft so it seems likely the Rams are done drafting for this year. They can begin turning attention to the race that is the undrafted free agent derby right after the draft is over.

– Time to make the donuts. Thanks for reading all week.

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21 Responses to “NFL Draft: Running Blog – Day Three”

  1. By James on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    I know a lot of people disagreed with me, but I’m glad no top picks were used on RB. We have speed at every offensive skill position and I’m high on Pead and Richardson. Hope the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders go to LB, S, and OL. Thanks for the great coverage!

  2. By Pierre on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    We should get lattimore a shot!

  3. By Teron on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    This is the best draft the rams have had in years! Getting Barrett Jones was key. Would like to see a S, LB, or RB next. Kasheem Greene, Bacarri Rambo, Joseph Randle, and Marcus Lattimore come to mind.

  4. By Dick on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Go for Lattimore very soon

  5. By James on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Very happy with Jones. Wanted to get a replacement for Turner and that has been done. Wonder if he can compete for the LG spot as well. OL done, hoping for more depth at LB, with a S and RB in round 6. What is happening to LB Greene, thought he was a great LB.

  6. By Chip on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    I found a couple picks surprising but think B. Jones is excellent value in round 4 and could eventually prove to be our starting center in a couple years. The Rams are building s team with some depth for the first time in a long time. Exciting time to be a fan.

  7. By Cameron on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Perfect backup for every interior position as long as he stays healthy. We might have to move up in front of SF to get Lattimore. They can draft him and store him for a year then let him replace Gore.

  8. By chefartstl on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    So far, I’m excited about all of the picks. Every single pick has filled a defined need. I think will still need another safety, and depth on the DL. I had Barret Jones on my board already. Watched him play in the Championship game last year at Center for Bama. He’s a guy that can immediately step-in to fill out a very talented O-line, and be there for years. Snead & Fisher are bringing home the bacon for ravenous Ram fans!

  9. By Thilo on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Greene is gone to the Bears! Rambo still there in round 5? Would be the next big steal after Jones!

  10. By Thilo on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    And gone is Lattimore…. this will put this matter to an end finally😉

  11. By Thilo on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    15 picks left to let the Rams pick Rambo!

  12. By Robert on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    I vote for depth at OLB or S with our 5th round pick. With Greene gone, I’m liking a shot at Rambo!

  13. By ronbigelow on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    i feel that if kenjon barner is available for the rams next pick he is the one to get go rams

  14. By DPI Graphics on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    This draft tells me that we may see Mr. Mikell back next yr. or we will see TJ at safty.

  15. By chefartstl on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Not thinking Stacy is going to make the squad; I can’t get my head around this pick. the first question mark in an otherwise stellar draft. Oh well, on to round-six!

  16. By Stevens on Apr 27, 2013 | Reply

    Maybe the coaching staff views McLeod and Daniel as better depth than we realize. Maybe the same for Jabara Williams and Sammy Brown at LB. Stacy looks like another great pick to me: very stout for picking up yardage between the tackles. I think another gem who fell through the cracks—and I love that Snisher went after him.

  17. By albertdavidson on Apr 28, 2013 | Reply

    This was an excellent draft for the Rams. I only wish they had traded up and grabbed Jonathan Franklin, the explosive UCLA running back.

  18. By albertdavidson on Apr 28, 2013 | Reply

    This was a great draft for the Rams. Really a good one. I only wish they had traded up and grabbed Jonathan Franklin, the explosive UCLA running back.

  19. By perk251 on Apr 28, 2013 | Reply

    Pleased to see Tavon Austin go early… also glad teammate Steadman Bailey was picked up. As a Mountaineer fan this will give me a reason to watch NFL. Most WVU fans follow the Steelers. I don’t really care for them. Austin and Bailey (especially Tavon) will add a new dimension to the Rams offense. I look forward to the season.

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