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Smack Cam Compilation

Posted by nickwagoner on August 1, 2013 – 5:51 PM


If you haven’t caught on to the sensation taking Rams training camp by storm, allow us to introduce you to Smack Cam. Smack Cam is brought to you by CB Cortland Finnegan, who introduced the game to his teammates

The rules are pretty simple: it’s a game for players only. If any player is at any time wearing team issued Rams gear, he’s fair game. The Rams’ version of Smack Cam involves whipped cream pies and though it’s been pre-dominantly a defensive-oriented game so far, anyone is fair game.

Common targets include Finnegan, DE Chris Long, DE William Hayes, CB Trumaine Johnson and S Matt Daniels.

Below is a compilation of the (recorded) efforts so far, including the most epic of the Smack Cam breakdowns.

Finnegan was hit with a pie while doing interviews with the local media last week by Long and Hayes. He vowed to get his revenge and bided his time until this morning. After hiding in the shadows of the Rams’ studio, Finnegan burst out and nailed Long while he was doing an interview with NFL Network.

Finnegan even went so far as to send out a fake tweet about “traffic” in St. Louis keeping him out of the building so as not to raise suspicion. While Long maintained his suspicions during the interview, Finnegan found the right moment. The results are below, followed by links to the rest of the recorded Smack Cam connections.

Pt 1.  7/24

Pt. 2 7/26

Pt. 3 7/26

Pt. 4 7/26

Pt. 5 7/26

Pt. 6 7/31

Pt. 7 7/31

Pt. 8 7/31

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  1. By Ross on Aug 3, 2013 | Reply

    Pt. 5 is my fave! Haha, I love smackcam, shows the team is having fun and is ready for this year!! #GORAMS!!

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